Influential international tourism starts from Yushu – fantastic rafting on plateau with an elevation of 4000m

Yushu government is looking for global rafting companies to grow the city’s rafting business and contribute to the rafting industry development within the city.

Yushu was the host city of 2 rafting events in 2015 and 2016, Rafting China and Yushu Rafting World Cup respectively. The 2 successful rafting events laid a solid foundation for Yushu to be seen as a world class rafting resort and give global recognition and influence of Yushu Rafting.

Yushu, the three rivers source region of Yellow River, Yangtze River, and Lancang River, is located in the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and area that remains the importance to billions of Asians living in the middle-lower river region. Thanks to the unique geographic advantages of deep ravines and rapids, Yushu serves to be a rare natural rafting destination in a plateau region, in which Tongtian River, Jinsha River, and Batang River all remain untapped rafting treasures.

In 2016, Yushu has attracted over 100 rafters and enthusiasts from 16 countries and regions to participate in Yushu Rafting World Cup. The successful event gave recognition to China’s rafting development with the International Rafting Federation proving that the river condition, channel security, and city reception capacity in Yushu has already reached a global standard.

In 2017, Yushu World Rafting Festival will be a professional and amateur performance platform for rafters and enthusiasts from around the world. The Festival will also include the Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip, which will take place in the three rivers source region, along with the World Rafting Tourism Development Forum. By incorporating these two events, the Festival will be a window to the globe revealing the unique natural rafting resources and fine aspects of Tibetan ethnic history and culture, whilst promoting the ideals of ecological protection and continuous development. For the upcoming Rafting Festival, Yushu will open its arms to all rafting enthusiasts and tourists, and will accelerate the process of building an integrated tourism industry stage in Yushu.

As a core part of 2017 Yushu World Rafting Festival, Yushu Power Boat Rafting Trip will take place along Yushu scenic route, a classical rafting route of over 100km, both sides of which are lined with scenes of the three rivers sources, terrace fields, Tibetan traditional villages, snowy plateaus, and Tibetan traditional cultural heritages. The power boat and rafting technologies put to use in Yushu are the same as those used for rafting trips in the Grand Canyon. This will ensure the rafting security of all visitors whilst allowing tourists to submerge themselves in the amazing natural and cultural landscape.

Given its great natural resources, Yushu is in need of mature operating experts and technologies to help in the arduous and complex task of making Yushu a suitable rafting industry world stage. This includes rafting promotion and event operation plans. The power boat rafting event operations in Tongtian River and kayaking event operations in Yushu downtown are being opened for global experienced rafting operating companies to tender by Yushu government, in order to introduce international rafting knowledge to Yushu rafting industry. International operating companies will have the authorization to plan and host rafting activities, competitions and lectures based on ecological protection, helping to popularize the rafting event and deepen the Yushu city image as a global rafting destination.

Some experts and professors of sports and tourism fields have pointed out that, by opening the door to global rafting intelligence and operational excellence,  Yushu will grow its tourist potential and will help to adapt the local rafting industry to the international practice, laying a sound foundation for forging a Yushu city image of global unique rafting destination. History and future, life and passion, nature and culture are all core parts of the Yushu rafting industry missions, all contributing to give a great driving force for future growth in the region.

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