R&B mixtape, DJ HB Smooth collaborates with Dj Doop for their new release

The ‘prime minister’ of R&B, DJ HB Smooth has recently teamed up with DJ Doop, the number one mixtape DJ in kanasas city and one of the first DJ’s to start pushing Indie artists in the Kansas City area. Having produced several successful gigs and mixtapes, HB Smooth has now collaborated with another talented and popular DJ to release multiple mixtapes.

They both have done 3 mixtapes together namely, KC to the Chi mixtape, college freak Jodi playlist edition chapter 4 and college freak 46, an all Indie edition mixtape.

Shortly after the above, college freak mixtapes was dropped back to back until the 14th and suddenly, HB Smooth stopped dropping tapes. However, people could only wonder if this was a one-time event or there will be more tapes that will be dropped. DJ HB Smooth is constantly getting popularity online which is evident from his 800k followers, making him only 200k away from hitting a million followers.

DJ HB Smooth is known for his constant search for new and talented artists and giving them a push into the music industry. He has also produced Chicago Juke remixes and Chicago juke/footwork music. In an exclusive interview with times of youth, he revealed that he chose ‘DJ HB Smooth’ as his name to be different, by adding his own twist to ‘Smooth’.

DJ HB Smooth has been producing juke music for many years and now and his songs are specially said to be popular among the ladies. Climbing the ladder of success he also became the first DJ to own a Vevo account which allowed him to popularize his juke/footwork music. Let’s hope he drops his new tape soon to bring much relief to his fans.  

For more information, visit: http://www.timesofyouth.com/2015/04/exclusive-interview-of-dj-hb-smooth.html

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