Renaissance Ranch Helps Fight Addictions And Gives People Their Lives Back

St George, UT – For those who have problems with drugs or alcohol it can be hard to admit one’s addiction and find help to better their lives for the future. Renaissance Ranch in St. George Utah is a treatment center that helps treat addictions and finds their patients’ the rejuvenating and step by step help they need to change their lives for the better. Addiction is a bondage that can damage not only one’s life and future, but the impact the lives of family and friends around them.

“It can be hard for some to admit their drug or alcohol abuse, and for others it’s hard to know where to turn and find help. An addiction is not only dangerous because it devastates the human body, but it can overtake one’s mind and body before they even know it.” Says Mike Keenan, the spokesperson for Renaissance Ranch. “No one should be afraid to show that they are strong enough to admit their addiction and get help to better themselves in life.”

The source of addiction can’t be pinpointed to just one factor, there are many things that can lead to addition or leave one feeling trapped by this disease. Addicts can feel social isolation when no one gives them any kind of support or reassurance that they can fight their addiction, which can worsen one’s addictive tendencies. Some may suffer from a variety of mental disorders, the condition leads to the flooding of dopamine in the brain’s reward system. This part of the brain regulates the feeling of pleasure, for most this is associated with normal everyday activities, but for addicts this can mean abusing drugs or alcohol.

When that part of the brain which controls happiness is overstimulated from the effects of drugs or alcohol, it tricks the brain to such behavior repeatedly. The feeling of happiness will no longer occur from normal pleasurable experiences. Addiction is an imbalance of the brain. That is why addicts find it difficult to resist temptation even if they are thoroughly aware of the harmful effects.

Renaissance Ranch Saint George is a safe and comfortable home where one can focus on healing away from the negative influences and temptations. Addiction healing is done with a spiritual and holistic approach that utilizes successful and proven ways of addiction recovery. Their services include: Intensive outpatient rehab, General outpatient rehab, Saint George sober living, Day treatment or partial hospitalization, as well as a Family therapy and a 12-step rehab program.

Opened in 2001, Renaissance Ranch has a community of friends so anyone is not alone in their journey to recovery. With locations in Saint George, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada, patients find a haven where their story is truly heard. All people in the secure and private addiction recovery center works to strengthen their spirit, mind and body until they find their way out. No need to wait for tomorrow because there is hope and solution today!

Addiction is a complex disease which treatment goes beyond the strongest will and best intentions. However, it can be treated and managed. Their recovery centers Utah and Nevada will see to it that all their clients will achieve lasting and real healing. They help addicts in their journey to restore their lives back to a healthy state.

Renaissance Ranch Outpatient Rehab is located  at 120 W 1470 S #100 in St George, Utah (84770).

The center can be reached via phone at 435-703-9840 or learn more at their website

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