Chris & Becca Photography, an International Destination Wedding Photography Team, Expands into Boudoir Photography

Hartford, CT – Chris & Becca Photography is a husband and wife team of internationally featured and award winning wedding photographers. Although they are best known for wedding and engagement photography, this team is expanding into Boudoir photography.

Chris and Becca are destination wedding photographers who travel the world to take amazing engagement and wedding photographs. They are well-known Connecticut, Boston, and NYC wedding photographers. Chris and Becca love to travel and visit new places, so almost no city is too far away. They regularly travel from California to Puerto Rico to Paris for their photography. These destination wedding photographers do not play it safe when it comes to traveling and now, they are not playing it safe when it comes to their photography. Chris & Becca Photography are excited to announce that the team will be offering Boudoir photography to happy couples.

Boudoir photography is a new trend that has become more popular in recent years. Usually, a bride chooses to have photographs taken of herself in little to no clothing and gives the photographs to the groom as a present on the wedding day. These photoshoots are completely private, and the photos are given to the couples only. Chris and Becca want to make sure brides feel beautiful and special on their wedding days. They also want to provide brides with this special, intimate photoshoot and make sure they feel comfortable.

Chris & Becca Photography puts clients before anything else. Chris and Becca are destination wedding photographers, which means they go out of their way to travel to the location of the wedding to make sure the bride and groom get the perfect photos. They even invite interested clients to meet with them over coffee before the photoshoots to get to know them and develop a personal connection. Chris and Becca care a great deal about their clients, so it is not surprising that Chris and Becca have decided to expand their services.

Boudoir photography requires a great amount of trust between the photographer and the model. Chris and Becca are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to build that level of trust.

Located in Connecticut, Chris and Becca are CT, Boston, and NYC wedding photographers who have expanded to become destination wedding photographers. They love to travel and make their client’s wedding day special, and now they decided to offer Boudoir photography. Chris and Becca make their brides and grooms feel comfortable, and help couples on one of the most special days of their lives.

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