Wellness Geeky uses health hacks and reveals the best massage chair

Pasadena, CA – Often associated with relieving pain and muscle tension, massages have multitude of health benefits that are still being discovered. Massages offer a time of relaxation for many, but the cost for a visit to a spa or massage parlor is more of a lavish treat than common practice. Many seek to invest in a massage chair to reap the full benefits of the tension relieving practice but at a more affordable cost. With a blog focused on providing tips on living healthy and green in all areas of life, Wellness Geeky recently posted a comprehensive guide into the best massage chairs.

Wellness Geeky, available at wellnessgeeky.com, is run by their senior editor, a mother of two named Julia who has a passion for a sustainable and green way of life. She and her team blog about everything that is associated with living a healthy lifestyle. On the blog, those interested can browse posts about nutrition, fitness, productivity, health, recipes, kids, and general tips that can help one have a healthy home. With reviews and recipes dating back to the early months of 2013, Julia uses her experience and degree in science to help inform the public on a variety of health-driven topics.    

The Wellness Geeky review gives people a wide selection to choose from. Articleshows which chair is the best, regardless of a person’s budget. The author of the piece Peter, who is dubbed simply tech geek, gives readers an in-depth breakdown of features that buyers should consider while in search of the perfect massage chair for them. The article states that the price can drastically range from $300 to $10,000 but assures buyers that investing in one is the right move for anyone seeking the benefits of a daily massage.

With the existence of spas and the wide price range, readers have a right to wonder why getting a massage chair would even be worth it. While a price tag as high as $10,000 seems excessive, the cost to treat oneself to a massage every once in a while is on average $60 per hour, and it adds up depending on how often a person goes. If someone purchases a chair for the lowest price of $300, they get the benefits of a massage every day for the price of five massages at a spa.

The benefits of massage alone is enough reason to consider a chair. Besides treating pain and muscle tension, massages also relieve stress. Studies have found that the release of stress also helps those with anxiety and insomnia related to stress. Other health benefits range from digestive disorders, headaches, and myofascial pain syndrome.

Massage can help someone in striving for a healthy lifestyle by easing both physical and mental pain. Wellness Geeky offers options for those interested in receiving the benefits of massage every day in their review of the best massage chairs.

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