Wallpapersupplier.net Textured Wallpaper Products Launched As a Cheaper Alternative for Textured Paints

While textured paints have been around for quite some time now, textured wallpapers are fairly new entrants to the market. Wallpapersupplier.net recently launched its latest collection of textured wallpaper products.

Wallpapersupplier.net, a renowned wallpaper manufacturer and supplier from Shanghai, China, recently launched their textured wallpaper products for cosmopolitan and sophisticated living spaces. The owners of Wallpapersupplier.net dubbed the textured wallpapers as cost-effective alternatives for textured paints, which have been in use for a couple of decades now. They said that textured wallpapers have the potential to become disruptive wall covering techniques and also claimed with conviction that the textured wallpaper products will surpass the textured paints in a few years.

“The reason textured wallpapers are slowly replacing textured paints is that these products are much cheaper and are long-lasting as well”, said a sales executive of Wallpapersupplier.net during a press conference recently held at Shanghai.

“It is really difficult and costly to fix a textured painted wall, but the cost of replacing textured wallpapers is minimal. Also, this has to be considered that the textured painting is a time-consuming process, whereas textured bedroom and bathroom wall covering products can be installed in a single day, which we think is the biggest advantage of these textured wallpaper products. The water-based ink printing technology which we have imported from Germany makes the wallpapers completely water-resistant, which is another reason customers are choosing these products increasingly over the textured paints these days”, added the executive.

Wallpapersupplier.net textured wallpaper products are now available in varied designs, textures and patterns. The synthetic based wallpapers are washable as well and the wallpapers can be maintained without any expertise or special skills, the owners claimed. They also added that the per square foot installation cost of a textured wallpaper product is far less than that of a textured painted wall.

Apart from textured wallpapers, the company has also launched a variety of mural wallpaper for walls. The owners said that the textured wallpapers and the mural wallpapers for walls are both designed and manufactured in their workshop in Shanghai, where the main marketing office of the company is also located. However, Wallpapersupplier.net now also supplies their products across the world as the company has already tied up with some of the biggest shipping agencies.

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Wallpapersupplier.net is a top-line manufacturer and supplier of wallpapers.

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