Will Breast Augmentation Effect Feeling in Breasts

“Dr. Antoine Hallak”
Dr. Antoine Hallak discusses the potential risks of breast augmentation surgery

Will Breast Augmentation Affect Nipple Sensation?

Considering  breast augmentation but worried about how it will affect breast sensitivity? A certain amount of over-sensitivity, even pain, is normal after surgery. But for some people, the problem becomes long term.

Here is a look at what problems can happen, and suggestions for reducing the risk.

Normal Sensitivity

For the majority of patients, the nipple area becomes highly sensitive, and even painful immediately after the breast augmentation surgery. Just the fact of surgery can cause pain. In addition, the procedure stretches the nerve in the nipple area to make room for the implants, resulting in pain.

As a rule, this pain and over-sensitivity goes away within two to three months and the nipple will return to normal feeling.

Continued Over-Sensitivity or Numbness

For a few women, normal sensitivity doesn’t return. This can continue long after the surgery is over. There are two types of reactions:

• Some continue to experience pain and over-sensitivity.

• Others lose sensation and their nipple feels numb. Lack of sensation is worrisome because it can mean there is a problem with the nerve.

If either of these conditions happens to you, be sure to talk to cosmetic surgeon.

Other Causes Beside Surgery

Breast augmentation isn’t the only cause of a change in feeling in your nipples. For example:

• Have you lost weight?
• Have you gained weight?
• Is your skin thinning?
• Have you gone through a pregnancy?

Beside surgery, you need to look at other factors that can result in how sensitive your nipples are.

Reduce Your Risk

Cosmetic surgeons can customize the breast augmentation procedure to reduce the risk. Talk to your doctor about your options.

Here are 4 ways to reduce the surgical risk of a change in nipple sensitivity:

• Have the implants inserted beneath the muscle, not the mammary glands.

• Do not choose a subareolar scar. With this method, the physician inserts the breast implants into an opening that skirts the edge of the nipple. The scar is less noticeable. But the chance of cutting a branch of the nerve is also higher. Choose another location.

• Select a moderate size increase in your augmentation. If the size is too large, the nerves that run into the breast can become overstretched.

Trust Experience

Antoine Hallak, M.D., puts safety at the top of his list for every surgery and procedure he performs. He customizes his treatment plans to meet the specific expectations and concerns of each patient.

Are you worried about nipple sensation? Talk to him about it. That’s why he emphasizes the need for one-on-one consultation and ongoing communication, before, during and after each procedure. He ensures that you have plenty of time to ask your questions. Dr. Hallak explains each procedure thoroughly and explains realistic outcomes.

Dr. Hallak is a member of the elite American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and double-board certified:

• American Board of Plastic Surgery
   ○ ACS (American College of Surgeons, Fellow)
   ○ ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)
   ○ SDCMS (San Diego County Medical Society)
   ○ SDPSS (San Diego Plastic Surgery Society) 

For more information about breast sensitivity and breast augmentation, call Dr. Hallak’s office to schedule a consultation.

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