Leisure Realm Announces the Imminent End of Their 2017 Cool Rider Bag Sale

Last chance to grab a good deal on ‘Cool Rider’ Saddle Bags as their Spring Sale comes to an end

Leisure Realm has announced that they plan to end the current sale that is running on their ‘Cool Rider’ range of bicycle saddle bags. The UK based company has reported that the sale will come to an end within a week or so and the price of the bags will revert to the normal retail price.

Founder of the company, Andy Lunt states, “We wanted to give our customers as good a deal as possible on the purchase of the ‘Cool Rider’ range of bags. Hence our sale price.”

According to Lunt, Leisure Realm has plans to hold sales in the future for many of its branded products. This could potentially include another sale involving the ‘Cool Rider’ bike saddle bags.

“If you are hesitating about buying one of our bags then you still have enough time to take the plunge and get yourself a cool and funky, yet eminently practical, bike seat bag” he said.

Lunt went on to say, “Whilst it is true to say there may be future sales of this popular item in the future, it is hard to predict just exactly when those sale prices will be offered again.”

The ‘Cool Rider’ saddle bag range is specifically designed to look a little different to the normal saddle bags available on the market. They are bright and make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are keen to get yourself noticed in just a small way and don’t want to make yourself the complete centre of attention, then perhaps these stylish saddle bags are worth checking out. They are available in four vibrant colors and being compact, they are designed with short journeys in mind.

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