Part-time background actor launches book about his struggle for freedom

Book tells the story of his experience after he is accused of attempted murder

Jamaal Russ, part-time actor, cook, and owner of clothing company Denaro Puro, is proud to announce the launch of his book “The people Vs Jamaal Russ.” The book is a narration of Jamaal’s ordeal as he fought for his freedom when a cop accused him of shooting someone on the street. Jamaal wants to use the book to tell the story of his life, how the event of the shooting accusation affected him, and how it contributed to the man he is today. The book is full of lessons, challenges, and ideas that young people today can learn from, so they can avoid mistakes and live a better life.

“I was compelled to write this book because I know there are lots of people out there going through what I went through and looking for a way out. I also know that I need to tell my story so that many young people today can learn from me and avoid the mistakes I made. I believe it is a moral duty to educate, inspire and encourage the next generation, to become better citizens,” said Jamaal Russ

The people Vs Jamaal Russ narrates the experience of a young man as he struggles for freedom. In August 2007, Jamaal was accused of shooting a man on Brooklyn street, something he denied. In subsequent trials, a jury acquitted him of attempted murder. Later, he launched a civil action against the NYPD officer who had falsely accused him of the crime. The book tells the story of his experience and struggles to ensure that justice prevails.

“The people Vs Jamaal is an inspiring story. I read the book and thought Jamaal is a real fighter. The struggles he went through made me understand what it means to stand for justice and be prepared to give everything you have to ensure that you excel at the end,” said Patrick B, a fan.

About Jamaal Russ

Jamaal Russ is a part-time background actor, cook, and owner of Denaro Puro LLC. He was born in the middle-class residential in Jamaica, Queens, but was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York. When not working hard, Jamaal likes playing basketball, is a lover of chess, and likes to make music.

He can be reached on social media via:

Facebook: Jamaal Russ
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