Dealing With JIRA Migration as a Trend and Software Development Tools

The spring is a time of the year when nature awakens. The invigorating combinations of familiar and refreshing scents surround us again. Spring is also a time of the year when the Atlassian Summit takes place and this year, for the first time, it will be held in Barcelona. It includes an AtlasCamp as well as an Expo Hall. We at Rozdoum are going to take part in this event to improve our expertise and negotiate with new partners. To complete the tendency of novelty, our company has a status of an innovator sponsor. This allows us to introduce a new add-on idea at our booth during the Summit.

JIRA Migration as a Trend

To prepare for the Summit, research was conducted in order to identify our customers’ needs and prioritize our activities. Our research revealed that JIRA migration is the most popular trend.

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Under JIRA migration, we define two types of services. The first type we refer to

  • A tool everyone can afford

With the first glance being on licensing and pricing, everything seems to be straightforward. On the one hand there are free open source tools, and on the other, proprietary paid systems. As soon as you start digging further into it, you will actually find that every tool policy is rather a mixture of these two approaches.

Open source products may offer limited functionality for free, while offering the full stack to paid customers only. Moreover, they sometimes lack any guarantees, as you do not know how long the tool will exist for.

Proprietary products are purchased but customers are often baited with free trial offers. The user has some warranties and support, but does not own the product. Nevertheless, every approach has its pros and cons.

Back to our research, JIRA is proprietary software which offers a free trial version. It is a product that sells itself, the trial period for some versions may last up to 30 days. JIRA offers a flexible pricing policy with a low entry barrier. Its pricing is transparent and clear, and it excludes any hidden fees as well as additional charges. Thai is why our customers feel right about this tool.

Using numbers to bolster our position, more than 35,000 JIRA customers from around the world use the software. Ebay, Cisco, and Airbnb are among them.

  • Keep your style

The second crucial aspect from our customer’s point of view is that a tool should match the management style. JIRA supports every agile approach as well as mixture of them: from Scrum for Sprint-based development, to Kanban boards for flow-based teams. Clients may customize JIRA depending on their team’s demands and obligations. They can manage boards, workflows, and apply relevant filters to efficiently and effectively execute various tasks. JIRA supports every management model and even a mixture of them.

  • Noticeable results

The next vital feature is that our customers expect a management tool to yield clear and readable project results. JIRA has great tools for the visualization of the company’s processes. JIRA’s customizable views and filters allow its customers to deal with tickets, issues, and workflows. Complemented with a wide range of reporting features, diagrams, charts and eye-catching graphics, JIRA allows an evident and customer-oriented picture of the existing processes.

  • Everything is possible

The other redeeming value of JIRA, mentioned by our customers in our research, is its extendibility. JIRA, as all Atlassian products, may be enhanced with add-ons to solve specific tasks. Marketplace contains over 1,000 ready-to-use solutions. Some of them are free. In addition, a user can adapt the tools to their peculiar demands and construct, or order the add-on to fit exactly their processes is the migration of JIRA. This is the movement from third-party issue tracking systems, project management tools or application management lifestyle systems to JIRA. For this service, the core concern is data transfer, its safety, and its mapping.

The second group is related to migration within the JIRA family. Life is changing, business may develop, objectives can switch, and thus, flexibilities in management tools that provide a way to adapt to any transformative environment are important. JIRA products offer several options, depending on team size and hosting requirements: Cloud, Service, and Enterprise. Such migration works not only for growth, but downward movement is also possible. JIRA is reversely scalable: for example from Server to Cloud. The integration of data within the extended functionality is a vital task here.

Let us put it into numbers: 74% of our customers are interested in JIRA migration. Included in this group are the following: approximately 53% of customers migrate within JIRA’s family products, and 21% migrate from other management tools to JIRA.

  • The Winning Arguments for the Software Development Tool

Why is JIRA so popular? According to our research, it is due to its transparency and flexibility. A customer’s every need (development of application, lifecycle management, project management, issue tracking, service desk and others) can be met using JIRA. Combined with other Atlassian products, it can be integrated into a wonderfully performing system for management. A lot of different tools exist online, so we have narrowed our research results and listed the most distinguishing points from the customers’ point of view.

  • Tuned to the mood

Customers are concerned about the future, and using management tools that provide the ability to develop promptly, flexibly, and in parallel with their business objectives is critical. The good thing about JIRA is that it can be integrated with other Atlassian products to further enrich functionality. The customer can actually build their system tailored to their needs. In addition, a whole bundle of plugins for importing and exporting data are available to help users with moving between management tools.

Data suggest that 72% of customers use more than one Atlassian product.

  • Migration Assistant

Our research revealed that JIRA migration is a customer’s most wanted request. We have just launched a new landing page dedicated to migration, to assist our customers with their needs and to offer the best solution at the Summit.

Rozdoum is an Atlassian Solution Partner and an official vendor. Moreover, we are also a software development house. Inner processes of the company are powered by Atlassian Tools, several self-created add-ons serve particular tasks. We build applications ourselves while using Atlassian for our everyday jobs.

Visit the landing page to get help with JIRA migration. Meet us at the Atlassian Summit Europe to discuss business opportunities.

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