FishyTale Digital, an innovator in education and immersive storytelling books will donate 50 Lyle Little Reading Experiences to the Seattle Children’s Hospital

SEATTLE, WA – 21 Apr, 2017 – Eric Luttio, CEO of FishyTale Digital, Inc. and Christine Edwards, Senior Foundation Manager of Bungie are excited to announce their joint initiative to bring an animated reading adventures to life for children at the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

FishyTale Digital is donating 50 copies of their first immersive reading experience App “The Astonishing Adventures Lyle Little Part 1  to Seattle Children’s Hospital a joint initiative with the Bungie Foundation. 

Bungie Foundation and Seattle Children’s Hospital – iPad for Kids Program and Autism Center

FishyTale and Bungie are excited to touch the lives of as many children as possible during their stays at the hospital. Children connect to the animated characters themselves in our immersive reading experience App that brings joy and laughter.

Children and their parents will experience Lyle Little’s adventure of a lifetime after they help Lyle discover a mysterious book that takes him to the height he has always dreamt of becoming.

The Astonishing Adventures of Lyle Little Part 1  reading experience has learning based interactions, different reading experience levels, changing the narrator, reading levels and fun word assembly games, achievement games all in one adventurous reading App.

FishyTale’s aims to touch the lives of patients and their parents by creating a positively enrich learning experience.   

In keeping with FishyTale’s mission and vision for the company we also have a site dedicated to help parents with kids in our growing digital world.

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About FishyTale Digital Inc.

FishyTale Digital was founded in July, 2014 by CEO Eric Luttio, a business leader with over 25 years of executive management experience in high tech industries from telecommunication to biotechnology and healthcare; Executive Vice President, Denny Andrews, a former business owner, published author, and corporate trainer who created and presented business strategies for Boeing Microsoft, Farmers Insurance and hundreds of other companies.


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