The Pocket Shelf, the world’s first patented portable shelf that provides everyone with the ability to set up a sturdy, durable and transportable shelf simply using pull-release adhesive strips that stick to virtually any surface, this week officially became available for anyone intent on benefiting from the re-invented shelf product.

Borne from a passion for helping people to stop placing their keys, drinks, belongings, tools, and other items in hard-to-reach locations or on dirty floors, The Pocket Shelf can be attached to most any surface, making it easy to set up and remove indoors or out and on the go.

“The innate problem with the common shelf is that we must go to it – it’s a permanent fixture on the wall, and is rarely convenient for what we need in a specific moment,” said Ronald Golembieski, Designer behind The Pocket Shelf. “Because of this, our possessions end up on the ground. But, with The Pocket Shelf, there is a modern, versatile and non-damaging alternative that can be used virtually anywhere.”

Since The Pocket Shelf is transportable by nature, it can be used in airports, hotels, guest rooms, offices, garages, camps, and anywhere else imaginable. Unlike traditional shelves that require special tools and damage the mounting surface in the process, the pull-release adhesive strip mounts The Pocket Shelf securely to virtually any surface. “No screws, no tools and no damage” is how Golembieski describes the ease of using The Pocket Shelf.

Because The Pocket Shelf is aesthetically pleasing, it can be placed all around the home as well, where a permanent shelf isn’t practical. “Near your door to hold keys, glasses and mail, behind the couch to hold a drink normally placed on the floor and to place a baby video monitor in the perfect spot to clearly see a crib, are the most common uses,” Golembieski said.

Once a user is done using The Pocket Shelf and ready to leave, they simply pull the exposed tab of the strip, this detaches the strip from the wall, leaving no damage in its wake. Small in nature, the shelf is easily stored in a briefcase, purse, glove box or pocket for on-the-go convenience.

“I was tired of putting my phone on the floor to charge while traveling. The only outlets available had nothing around them. I never felt like my phone was safe or clean when it just sat on the floor like that,” said Golembieski. “This problem sent me on a life changing journey determined to provide an on-the-go solution with modern convenience. As a patented inventor today, I am excited to be sharing this new approach to a timeless problem with everyone worldwide.”

Golembieski is a professional firefighter and Marine Crops veteran. He has spent 3-years developing and perfecting his Pocket Shelf product for official market introduction. He has recently received the first production shipment, and has stated that the product is officially available at an introductory price of $8.49, 15% off of the $9.99 retail price.

Additionally, the Pocket Shelf offers a customized product option, enabling buyers to add their own picture or logo to the shelf for brand exposure.

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