Gianluca Corrao Launches Music Video of His Latest Single “SIMONA E MILANO”

The meeting of two lovers, Gianluca Corrao’s new video for his latest track “SIMONA E MILANO”, since its release the track has shot up the Airplay Charts and is also doing well in the current iTunes chart. In the video, Gianluca has been impressing the audience with not only his talents as a singer and a songwriter but also with his ability to turn on the heat. The music video is now available on YouTube (

The music video of “Simona e Milano” premiered on the Italian channel TgCom, SIMONA E MILANO features an appearance by Italian Big Brother 13 contestant, Mia Cellini, taking the video to the next level with her stunning beauty and irresistible looks. The ‘cantautore’ or singer-songwriter is a natural talent, Gianluca has a soaring voice, his musical journey started at a very young age, some would say as early as he was able to speak as a child. From very young age Gianluca was drawn towards all things creative and artistic, as a child, he loved Karaoke evenings and it was obvious from the beginning that Gianluca had the soul of a musician and a singer. In 2012 Gianluca made his professional debut with the release of his first single “Desy” in collaboration with indie label, Maria Records, which was followed by his debut album and another hit single titled “La Verità” for which he also recorded a video.

Gianluca believes in chasing passions, dreams and instincts which are always been the leading force in his life and career. his own life, friends and family, and also from his surroundings are the greatest sources of inspiration for his music

Over the course of this musical career,  Gianluca has had countless successes, including working on a national radio play and collaborations with important national and international artists, producers and filmmakers. Currently, he is working on his EP which is set to release in autumn of 2017.

About Gianluca Corrao:

Gianluca Corrao is a singer and a songwriter from Genoa, Italy, who has always had a passion or music since a young age, participating at Karaoke evenings. Gianluca has had many of his songs climbing the various local and national charts as well as achieving a fair amount of success on iTunes and Amazon.

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