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We are committed to sourcing the highest quality therapeutic grade 100% natural botanical essential oils. Our goal is to provide you with the purest essential oils at an affordable price. We use no agro-chemicals, carrier oils, or any other additive in our oils. We simply extract the oils from the plant and bottle them. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will refund your purchase.

Our journey with essential oils began about seven years ago. We were introduced to oils in the same way many of our customers were, by a friend who works for a multi level marketing company. We went to a small party and were introduced to the wonders of essential oils. But it didn’t click with any of us, those planned parties for pushing goods on your friends always comes off a little pushy and seem to be a bit too self endorsing.

Fast forward 3 years and we were traveling around Europe where we had our second run in with essential oils. We ventured into a boutique shop of fragrance, and quickly learned that the same essential oils we saw at the party were also offered here. We began to ask the shop owner about the different oils he offered and he fully opened our world to essential oils. This is where we learned about the magical power of essential oils.

After reading several books on the beauty of essential oils, I began to truly understand all of the benefits the oils offer. These oils have been used since biblical times and by every ancient empire including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese, all of whom mention essential oils in their ancient text. These ancient civilizations would use essential oils for simply relieving anxiety or to induce euphoric aura of focus for study or spiritual ceremonies. But the use of oils didn’t stop there, ancient civilization would use oils to help clear up colds and rub them on festering wounds to heal them. Nowadays oils can be used for simple things such as moisturizing skin, relieving arthritis, or simply relaxing. That doesn’t mean you can’t use essential oils to help support medicine in clearing up a cough though, look at the two main ingredients in Vicks vapor rub and you will learn they are eucalyptus and camphor oil. Both of which are essential oils. I knew that essential oils were helpful and a good way to supplement everyday things in your life. I liked that you could bring southern France into your house simply by diffusing lavender and it would bring to life the smell of a lavender field right inside your home.

We are proud to introduce Natural Acres Essential Oils. A company that is dedicated to sourcing 100% pure products, that have no dilution or additives. Our goal is to provide great quality oils at affordable prices. Our goal is to make this quickly growing market more accessible to the average person. We see real faults with multilevel marketing companies controlling the majority of the market in the US. Our goal is to make our great product readily available to our customers. We are excited to provide you with the opportunity to experience the natural benefits and alluring aromas of these essential oils in the comfort of your own home. We are not a multi level marketing essential oil company and this allows us to deliver a pure therapeutic grade oil at an affordable price. We currently carry 22 oils and are in the process of sourcing and launching another 15 oils this year.

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