National College Planning Expert Answers Admission Questions on Demand

Expert College Planner Stephanie Harkey provides on-call services to families as they navigate the college application and loan process.
Certified College Planning Specialist Stephanie Harkey recently launched a new service, College Counselor on Call. The service will provide students and their parents with the answers to commonly asked questions regarding admission and tuition.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – College admissions is a daunting task for families. Without the right type of information or access to that information students and parents are often left floundering.  Planning for higher education means not only navigating the admissions process, but also, with the rising cost of tuition, finding ways of affording college. This type of specialized knowledge is not readily available online, nor in a dynamic and interactive format.  This is a subject that Stephanie Harkey of College Planning Professionals knows all too well. Stephanie received her College Planning Specialist certification through the National Institute of College Planners after working for many years as a high school counselor in her local school system. It was her job as a high school counselor that made her realize the need that students had for additional information and after school hours support. Her company has recently launched a new service, College Counselor on Call.

“There’s a lot of general information out there about the college application process but it’s not specific enough to really help families,” says Stephanie. “Students and their parents are often left frustrated and unable to do the things for themselves that will advance their pursuit of higher education. We simply cannot supply them with this wealth of information during school hours, that’s the time when they’re supposed to be learning their subjects.  I started this business because it allows me to fill in the blanks for them and get them on the right track.”

Part of the challenge of College Planning Professionals was being able to provide them with information when they need it.  Today’s college bound students have a full class schedule and homework assignments that soak up hours of their evening.  It may be 9:00 at night or on a weekend when they finally get around to working on their application.

The company provides a full list of applicable college admissions services. They work with students to prepare their application, review essays, stage mock interviews, guide students in selecting appropriate extracurricular activities that will appeal to colleges as well as helping with the financial side of the college equations. College Planning Professionals not only fills out financial aid forms, but also can direct students and parents to the best outlets for financial support.

“I think I may still be the only high school counselor in the country who is both a guidance counselor and a Certified College Planning Specialist,” says Stephanie, “but I knew from talking to students every day how important it is to be able to provide them with accurate and up-to-date information. I want to see every child who has a dream of college see that dream come to fruition. That is why we do what we do.”

Stephanie encourages students and parents to seek outside help and support when they need it. The admissions and financial aid processes have become overly complicated making it extremely difficult to manage the process, beginning to end, without expertise in college planning. The new Counselor on Call Service has hours of operation Monday – Friday from 4:00pm to 10:00pm and Weekends from 10:00am to 10:00pm.  “Families can just use our online tool to schedule a call and a counselor will call at the time allotted and answer all of their questions.”

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