Ambrose Junk Removal Celebrates Seven Years Of Professional Junk Removal Services In Toronto

Ontario, Canada – Spring cleaning season is here and for many homes and businesses in the Toronto area, that means removing a build up of junk. While most people simply throw their unwanted furniture, boxes, construction materials, and so on into landfills, Ambrose Junk Removal offers a more efficient, eco friendly way of decluttering a home or office space. Celebrating more than seven years in the field of quality junk removal, Ambrose Junk Removal helps people to declutter, downsize, and organize their lives.

“Whether you’re selling your home, downsizing for more space, or you simply need to spring clean your home or office space, we’ll help you reclaim your space,” says company owner, Richard Ambrose. “Most of the time when you’re decluttering or removing junk, you don’t take the time to think about the best methods of disposal for your various pieces of furniture, electronics, appliances, and any other junk you’ve accumulated. With Ambrose Junk Removal, you still won’t need to put another thought into where your junk is going, but you can rest easy knowing that we will dispose of your items in a safe, legal, and eco friendly manner.”

From boxes and clothing to appliances and furnishing, Ambrose Junk Removal is capable of removing almost any item. Clients need only point to the items to be removed and the company’s friendly and professional staff will give them a fair estimate for removal. The junk removal team takes care of the entire removal process, including cleaning of the area following removal. In addition to removing junk and clutter, Ambrose Junk Removal is also available for hire when it comes to internal moving. Expertly handling the lifting and placement of heavy furniture, the company helps their clients to freshen up their living space, as well as declutter.

Ambrose Junk Removal donates and recycles items that they remove from homes or offices. Rather than taking all of the removed junk and dumping it in a landfill, the company recycles items like electronics, wood, plastic, tires, batteries, styrofoam, drywall, and cardboard. Ambrose Junk Removal also donates materials like books, clothing, old toys, furniture, tools, and appliances to local charity organizations. Ambrose Junk Removal partners with such well-known organizations as the Canadian Cancer Society, Good Will, Salvation Army, B’nai Brith, and Chai Life Line. They also donate 10% of all profit to charity!

When it comes to spring cleaning and junk removal, Ambrose Junk Removal is a trusted source for eco friendly removals in Toronto, Vaughan, and all of the GTA. The company provides removal services for homes, offices, retail buildings, film sets and construction sites, among others. Since 2010, the company has been helping residents to remove, dump, and recycle their unwanted items legally and responsibly.

Ambrose Junk Removal is located at 46 De Quincy Boulevard North York in Ontario (M3H 1Y5).

The company can be reached by phone at (416) 829-1036, or from their website:

Media Contact
Company Name: Ambrose Junk Removal
Contact Person: Richard Ambrose
Phone: (416) 829-1036
Address:46 De Quincy Boulevard
City: North York
State: Ontario
Country: Canada