AWP Inc Reviews the Best Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

Santa Monica, CA – Drinking tap water is a practice in some areas because not only will it save money, but it will also help the environment recover with a lot of water being consumed improperly. Depending on the area, tap water can actually be an alternative to mineral water. However, in some areas tap water is not safe. In order to change that, one would have to purchase a filter machine to make the water less acidic and safe to drink. AWP Inc reviews some of the best alkaline water ionizer machines on their website.

“AWP Inc, or Alkaline Water Pros Inc, is a website that provides coverage and reviews about alkaline filter machines,” according to James Williams of Alkaline Water Pros Inc. “Our reviews include some of the best alkaline water machines that customers can purchase on the market today. As a company dedicated to providing essential information about various products, our reviews are reliable and worth checking out.”

Their main posts are reviews of some of the best alkaline water filters. They have reviewed the following products for the convenience of customers: Tyent Ace Ultra Set Review, IONTech IT-750 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer, Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine, Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe, and many more products that customers can check out. Each review includes a brief overview of the product, its features, benefits and disadvantages, and a final verdict on whether the product is worth purchasing or not.

Aside from their alkaline water filter product reviews, AWP Inc ( also posts generic advice and generic guides on how to pick the right alkaline water filter. They list the following features that each customer should check before deciding on which alkaline water ionizer machine to choose: PH/ORP Range, Filter, Plates, Warranty, and Company Reputation. To make it easier for customers, they have set up a table for product comparison. They place the name of the product alongside a picture of it, with the price range and a rating for each product.

As one of the leading reviewers of alkaline water filters, Alkaline Water Pros Inc guarantees that the ratings and reviews that they give for each product are the results of first-hand testing and experience with said products.

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