Synthetic Grass Installation Saves Time, Money and Looks Great

Synthetic grass installations by JW Synthetic Grass provide a year-round appearance of the perfect lawn with no maintenance
Synthetic grass installations are becoming very popular across the country and one Billings, MT company is demonstrating how synthetic grass can be stylish, energy-saving and affordable for homeowners as well as businesses.

Billings, MT – If you’ve had enough of mowing the lawn, moving sprinklers around and dealing with a dog’s muddy feet, the time has come to consider having JW Synthetic Grass install synthetic turf at your home or business. The advancement in turf manufacturing technology makes it nearly indistinguishable from real grass and it provides a year-round appearance of a perfect looking lawn. Synthetic grass is not only attractive, but also fire and fade resistant, chemical free and weed free. Once it has been installed there’s no maintenance and unlike grass yards, synthetic grasses have no need for constant watering or fertilizing.

“It used to be that you’d see schools putting turf in for football fields or a golf course adding it as their putting greens,” says Josef Wemmer, owner of JW Synthetic Grass. “Today we have local builders installing it into new subdivisions because it always looks good, even during the winter months. This is not the synthetic grass of the past that looked manufactured and was rough on the feet,” Adds Wemmer.  “This is a visually appealing, cost-effective and maintenance free option for anywhere real grass would be.”

The popularity of Synthetic grass started as drought conditions worsened in many parts of the country.  Homeowners and businesses resorted to a synthetic product without having to sacrifice appearance or waste water.  A typical lawn of 1800 square feet will require close to 56,000 gallons of water each year. Synthetic turf allows users to reduce their demand for water, and will pay for itself for those that pay for city or county water. Because it doesn’t have the needs of a real lawn, it can be installed in areas that are difficult to grow grass on.

“We talk a lot about the cost of watering a football field or large lawn,” says Wemmer, “but its value goes beyond utility savings. It also reduces the time and energy it takes to maintain a beautiful looking lawn. It’s a great solution for schools that have difficulty keeping football and soccer fields in the right shape for their players because grass doesn’t take well to being trampled.”

Synthetic turf is maintenance free once it is installed.  It absorbs more energy and impact that grass and retains its fresh appearance even during fall and winter months. Residential areas are looking at a price that is comparable to carpeting with luxury synthetic grass at about $6.50 per square foot installed. JW Synthetic Grass is now exploring expansion and licensing opportunities in the Midwest and Northwest.

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