Chiropractor Discovers The Cause Of Diabetes

PATERSON, NJ – According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the global number of diabetes patients reached almost half a billion in 2014. Developing diabetes is one of the main health concerns of American citizens, who have become increasingly alarmed at the disease’s growing prevalence. Physical Medicine Of New Jersey, a health practice that provides care through combining “the unique talents of medical doctors and chiropractic physicians”, aims to use its “team approach” to provide patients with “a non-surgical way” to help them “lose weight and diabetes”.

Utilizing his expertise in functional medicine, as well as a new, unique approach developed at the Physical Medicine Of New Jersey practice, Dr. Jonathan Spages, DC, helps those who have been characterized as “pre-diabetic”, as well as many who are already living with the disease, to manage their symptoms, and even “turn back the clock on diabetes.”

This new therapeutic approach, called “Functional Metabolic Medicine”, differs from other treatment methods owing to the fact that it “does not rely on harsh medications and restrictive diets to lower blood sugar levels, but rather a direct focus on the endocrine system, the system of glands that regulate most bodily functions, and supplementation to that system.” According to the principles of Functional Metabolic Medicine, “it is an imbalance in this critical system of the body that is the cause of diabetes.”

Commenting on the importance of Functional Metabolic Medicine, Dr. Spages, DC said that “My patients are people who were let down by conventional medical approaches, as their bodies cannot sustain the influx of medication that has been prescribed to them – which usually provide little results. Through running some simple lab tests, namely blood, spit and stool analysis, my team and I come up with a custom plan for each patient, which uses vitamins and diet as a means to get better.”

Those following Functional Metabolic Medicine treatment plans under the care of Physical Medicine of New Jersey have reported “reducing, or even eliminating (the) need for medication.”

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