Contemporary Picasso Unveiled Exclusive Emoji Portrait Of The Queen To Mark The Queen’s 91st Birthday

Leading abstract expressionist Aussie artist Demeter Land unveiled the unique Fine Art Emoji portrait of Queen Elizabeth II to mark Her Highness’ 91st birthday this year. Demeter is the first artist to draw the portrait of the Queen through abstract minimalist art.

Melbourne, Victoria – April 21, 2017 – First she took the world by a pleasant surprise by transcending our casual Emojis to fine art masterpieces and now she is grabbing the headlines once again with her latest phenomenal artwork. Ladies and Gentleman, we are talking about our “Contemporary Picasso”, the leading abstract expressionist Aussie artist Demeter Land. This time she has inspired both awe and reverence from the international art scene with her ingenious exclusive Fine Art Emoji of none other than Queen Elizabeth II which is created in the celebration of The Queen’s 91st birthday on April 21st.

“Words will fail to describe the magnum impact Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II has had on the Great Britain and the world. Like many, I am too deeply influenced by her magnificent persona and I saw her as a monarch, alone in the problems of her responsibility. She is a real thinker. It’s my honor to celebrate her inspiring presence through fine subtle strokes of minimalist line drawings. I wanted to do something different,” said Demeter. “This portrait breaks with the traditional portraits of the Queen, placing her in a contemporary pop art setting. I was very eager to find out who she really is; I had tried to “get beyond the Queen’s public image, to get the essence of her as a person.”

Deeply influenced by Picasso and Cy Twombly, Demeter explores the subtle classy ideas of minimalist expressionism in her amazingly creative fine art Emojis. Her Demeter Mojis has pioneered a new order in the scene of art by leveraging plain Emojis to uniquely drawn specters of high end pop art and minimalism. Carefree as a child, Demeter breaks free of all shackles in her drawings, mesmerizing the world with symbolic active scribbled lines and innocent creativity. She prefers to start from the smear and from there she takes her pieces to a whole new level of fine vista that comes with unique expressions of our feelings, expectations and thoughts. From dreams to love to joy – Demeter’s artsy emojis express them all in between their creative scribbled lines.

Added to legendary Picasso and CyTwombly, Demeter is also influenced by other greats like Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell etc.

“I believe that art is for all. Through my artsy Emojis, I wish to establish a healthy culture of appreciation of artistic expressions – that will lead to easy dialogue and communication between the artist and public. For me, art should not be just the pricey wall-pieces of the rich. In fact, it should be for everyone out there and this is what my Emojis are all about.”

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