LIFE is being lost faster than any time since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago? Today it’s no meteor, its us.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 21 Apr, 2017 – This year’s Earth Day, a day for demonstrating support for environmental protection will be the forty-seventh anniversary since 1970.  Over these 47 years there have been many achievements and some significant yet all tolled far too little has been accomplished to create the changes our growing numbers and natural world requires today.

Today our planet’s finite life-sustaining natural capacity is in such bad shape, it needs urgent attention and critical care. LIFE is being lost faster than any time since the dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago. Today it’s not a meteor like it was back then, today it’s us: our great and growing numbers, our unsustainable and unhealthy lifestyles and its collective and punishing assault on our planet’s finite life sustaining capacity. We believe this event is the most significant and threatening event in human history and should compel responsible people everywhere to live just and sustainably our natural world requires.

Imagine that our planet earth is the most naturally beautiful and alive planet anywhere, in a class all its own! Could this be possible? What do you think? We believe it is. Yet today we are treating our planet like its disposable, all while searching for water and life beyond our world while far many people suffer greatly from impoverishment and social injustices. If on the other hand, we accepted the idea that our living planet is unique and preserving and protecting all life and health was our first and foremost responsibility, think how much healthier our world could be for all life, all people, community and planet.

Knowing what we know today about our world and ourselves are we not obligated to live more responsibly — just and sustainably as our natural world requires?  It’s clear we need to do more, much more than we are doing, especially if we wish our children to have no less of chance of living a naturally healthy life.  So, it’s up to all of us who are especially concerned about our planet’s rapid loss of life and life-sustaining capacity to be the change our natural world requires. If we don’t no one else will.

Like the cause the solution is “us” and our communities for sustainable communities are the foundation stones of a sustainable healthy planet.

This earth day take a moment and Imagine our planet is the most naturally health and beautiful anywhere and in a class, all its own. We hope you will come away enkindled to make the necessary changes in your life and community as our natural world requires. We have, join us!

OHIAS which stands for our health is at stake and has a mission to educate people everywhere about today’s great decline of life and life-sustaining capacity of our natural living planet that we all depend upon. Second to this, is to empower people and community to live more responsibly, just and sustainably as our natural world requires.

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