Investment Expert Todd Howell helps take the fear our of retirement by providing risk-free strategies for his clients while maintaining access to their capital
This retirement investment company has created a specialized strategy for risk-free investments to help people multiply the power of their money, offering tax-free income and stability during retirement.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Universal Retirement aims to take the fear out of retirement and provide its clients with the financial stability and flexibility to enjoy retired life. The company offers a dual approach by educating clients while offering cutting-edge financial products to help people remain financially secure throughout their lives while allowing access to their capital.

Through the use of fixed-indexed annuities and investment grade life insurance contracts, Universal Retirement develops custom investment strategies strategically designed to provide a lifetime of income for its clients. This specialized investment strategy is designed to provide at least 4 to 5 times return on investment to each and every client. With this strategy, along with the financial education and guidance that the company offers, clients will gain access to multiple benefits. Clients will gain access to capital without an early withdrawal penalty and benefit from reduced or eliminated taxes, zero risk of loss, and asset protection from creditors. It can help business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs maintain access to their crucial cash while reducing their business tax liability. This strategy truly doubles the power of each dollar. In addition, it can offer guaranteed income for life, allowing business owners to benefit from a stable source of income even after retirement. This proven investment strategy can even allow people to retire early.

The man behind this strategy is national investment expert and Universal Retirement Partner, Todd Howell. Howell has developed his expertise in investment strategies by studying the financial markets and producing successful results over the past 25 years. As an entrepreneur himself, Todd is well suited to understand the issues facing business owners, so he has focused his work on helping owners from small to large companies, real estate investors, executives and entrepreneurs—though he’s quick to say that his investment strategies will work for just about anyone.

“Since it is crucial for business owners to have access to their capital I’ve developed a strategy where they can have the best of both worlds. I really believe retirement benefits should be accessible to anyone, at any time, and a financially secure life should not stop once you reach retirement age. Many companies offer retirement plans for their employees, but where does that leave entrepreneurs and business owners? I enjoy educating clients and helping them to create a financially secure future for themselves and their families, allowing them to retire with peace of mind,” said Howell.

As an award-winning investment strategist, Howell takes the stage across the country at events and expos speaking about the success of his programs and how his clients enjoy lower taxes and have access to their cash, and his retired clients can enjoy life after work without worrying about how to pay for it.

Universal Retirement also provides a variety of other services to help people meet their financial goals and plan for retirement. The company’s mission is to offer peace of mind and financial security, specializing in programs that guarantee clients an income they can’t outlive.

For more details, please visit the company’s website at, or schedule a retirement evaluation with Todd by clicking here.

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