Airwheel E6: An Up-And-Coming Smart Electric Bike for adults in S&T Circle

The society changes with each passing day. Perhaps “Practice makes perfect” is not fitted for this era so we need to think more rationally and calmly. Although bicycles can fulfil the mission by its basic function, E6 smart e bike made by Airwheel seems smarter in increasing fun for life.

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There are always outstanding models around us who has good words and deeds. We recognize and admire them who have high nobility and worry for the complex society changes. In the career of developing means of transport, Airwheel once shared the bitter experience. Most will think that there is no need to apply modern technology into the traditional bikes since our previous bikes can help to achieve our purpose.

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However, with the deep investment, Airwheel gradually realizes that efficiency and quality are of great importance in modern city. E6 intelligent e bike will make this world more lovely viewed in a brand new perspective.

intelligent e bike

Undoubtedly, bicycle is a great invention and plays key role in past years. Users can cycle it to a far distance upon good strength. But time shifts, people start to find more convenient way to achieve high efficiency. Driven by electricity, E6 intelligent e bike can save labor and freely pass through crowded roads due to its small figure. Matched with public transport vehicles, it is very practical and portable in daily commuting. Made of aluminum alloy, E6 best electric bicycle is solid enough. Besides, the X-shaped figure indicates the application of physical feature, that is, it reduces the self-weight under normal loading capacity. Moreover, the operating rod can be adjusted to meet up with riders with different statures.

 intelligent e bike

Another highlight should be the simple folding procedure. After slightly poking the pin located at the cross section of main frame, the whole skeleton will be closed up naturally and the handrails and pedals can be folded to save space within few seconds. The separated left-right seat design of E6 folding electric bike breakthroughs the traditional form for keeping the force balanced and good ventilation. What’s more, the battery pack is replaceable and also can be acted as the portable power supply for charging intelligent devices.

Airwheel E6 strives to be the up-and-coming e bike to improve our living standard.

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