New Photobook “Encantador Tenerife” Captures the Startling Beauty of Tenerife

As one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, welcomes almost 5 million tourists each year.  This lush, glorious island possesses a unique climate, dubbed an “eternal spring” which enables residents and visitors to enjoy its scenic beaches, mountains and rich historical sites year-round.  For centuries, Tenerife has played host to the wealthy and amorous of Europe.

For the first time, a photobook is about to be published that captures the unrivaled beauty of Tenerife from aerial perspective.  Husband and wife team Simona and Darius Soščeka, under the name Ein Armor produced their magnificent work “Encantador Tenerife” using a helicopter and drone.  After hundreds of hours of flight that produced thousands of photos, Ein Armor was able to create a 160 page photobook that features the awe-inspiring grandeur of this island paradise. Lovingly crafted, “Encantador Tenerife” is 297 mm x 221 mm, and includes text in English, Spanish, German and Russian.

Soon to be a coffee table essential, “Encantador Tenerife” is now available through an exclusive Indiegogo campaign.  You can now reserve one of only a thousand limited editions of this popular photobook, and at a steep discount off the retail price. 

To order your copy of “Encantador Tenerife” or to learn more about it, please visit:

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