FaceCradle Travel Pillow – Get Business Class at Economy Price

FaceCradle launched in Canada its first one of a kind edgy travel pillow that allows you to maintain your sleep environment during uncomfortable flights.

VANCOUVER, CANADA – 21 Apr, 2017 – Gone are the days when sleeping in flights used to be the most painful thing on earth! Check out FaceCradle pillow, launched by homehealthcareshoppe.com in Canada, launches its first one of a kind travel pillow. This revolutionary new product upgrades your comfort level while traveling and creates the comfort of the bed. This Travel Pillow comes with different sleep modes to suit every traveller’s need.

This Travel Pillow is designed by keeping the environment of the Economic class in mind. The unique adjustability feature of this product helps the sleepers to switch between positions just like tossing around in the bed. This is a pillow which can be used not just in airplanes but also in cars. A travel pillow made of the most luxurious memory foam, wrapped around in a rich velour fabric.

It can be incredibly difficult to sleep in a horizontal position in an Economic class or a car. Most people are used to sleeping in a vertical position. Lack of sleep can make you grumpy and angry. FaceCradle Travel Pillows are designed to support your head when you try to sleep in a horizontal position.

This travel pillow has five different modes to help you find the perfect position to sleep. The modes are:

1. dozing mode
2. snoozing mode
3. table nap mode
4. deep sleep mode
5. the deep sleep mode (side)

The standard mode of sleeping is the dozing mode which is just placing the FaceCradle Pillow in the position of a generic “U” shaped neck pillow. You can check out the smart design when using the snoozing mode. The traveller can lock the upper pillow at an angle and rotate it 360 degrees around their neck. It helps the traveller to find the perfect sleeping position. The table nap mode enables you to sleep on any table or flat, stable surface. A traveller’s friend this pillow is a blessing for people who travel on long flights or connecting flights. FaceCradle Pillow’s luxurious memory foam supports your face and makes the experience of sleeping on a flat surface enjoyable with minimum disturbances.

The deep sleep mode enables you to lean forward in your seat and sleep. It replaces your hands and holds your head. This position is incredibly relaxing and can help you sleep in any stressful situations. This position can be compared to relaxing on a message bed. With lights turned off you can call it a day when using the deep sleep mode. In the deep sleep mode (side) the pillow is placed on a slight angel. This mode is highly relaxing and can instantly put you in a deep sleep.

FaceCradle Travel Pillows are designed to suit any seated traveling. The design for this pillow was used after studying the amount of space available in economy class.  It is designed by avid Scrimshaw, and Roz Ruwhiu who are the proud owners of Hairy Turtle Pty Ltd.  David is a phenomenon product designer and entrepreneur with more than 30 patents to his name and the owner of Ozito. Roz is an experienced Advertising professional and has worked with top brands in the business. David came up with the idea of the product when he saw a person tossing and turning with an old U-shaped neck pillow. David explains that the U-shaped pillows do not work well. He tried to improve the neck pillow and give it a heartbeat, and the result was the birth of the FaceCradle.

FaceCradle is the perfect example of design meeting wits. If you are an avid traveller, there is nothing better you can treat yourself with this travel pillow. With FaceCradle every ride is a comfortable one.

Price: $36.04

Dimension: 30cm X 30cm X 8cm

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