Malek, Rising Producer, Creates Austin City Sounds Music While At SXSW

USA – The California-native up-and-coming music producer Justin Yonan, who goes by the stage name Malek, is no stranger to becoming attuned to his sense of spontaneity while immersing himself in the process of creating beats. Articulating one of his creative principles, Malek has said that “Inspiration can strike at any moment. Especially while walking around and opening your ears up to the unique sounds surrounding you.”

While at this year’s SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, Malek was struck by wanderlust, and took it upon himself to create a digital imprint of the city’s audio landscape. Armed with a Zoom audio recorder, he went about capturing sounds throughout Austin, and proceeded to create songs out of them. The final result of the project, dubbed “Sounds Of The City”, challenges the thought that music production must only take place inside four studio walls, or while using specialized, and extremely expensive equipment.

Speaking of his latest creative project, Malek said “Some music producers, especially first starting out, think they need expensive studio gear and recording equipment to make music. When in reality, you can make music with little to nothing. A midi controller, portable recorder, and a sampler is all you need.”

In a recent video uploaded to Malek’s YouTube channel, he can be seen in-action as he explores Austin’s streets and records what draws his attention, from the sounds of birds chirping, to the knocks on heavy, wooden doors – and even the peculiar fissure let out by graffiti spray paint cans. For Malek, this experience has proven to be a revelation. He said, “These amazing sounds throughout your day-to-day life that you don’t really realize, can turn into music.”

For Malek, the process appears to be a discourse between him and the urban landscape. As he was quoted as saying in the video, “The ability to create sounds, and modify them – tweak them, to a certain point, where you’re creating essentially the sounds of the city, through music. It’s around us every day – it surrounds us.”

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