April 21, 2017 – Real Personal Development announces the launch of the leading and most reputable personal development website to the awareness of wilful people desiring to work smarter and achieve financial breakthrough in life. The launch will take place online at the website on April 24.

The website provides an ample opportunity for people to gain the secrets of success and the path to greatness by learning from real life experiences of people who have made it. It is a source of hope to those who has been tossed by the vicissitudes of life and those who feel discouraged and depressed as a result of constant setbacks in their business, workplaces or careers. ‘Real Personal Development’ teaches you how to be happy.

The website is enriched with inspiring and expository features which includes:

1. A Self Development Blog which reveals winning mentality tips, how to manage money and keys on how to relate with people around you;

2. A membership access to their recommended book list, secrets to passive income ideas, chat with other members via forums to learn and connect, and also to see our useful resources links;

3. Registered members for their affiliate program have the opportunity to make money by earning 30% commission from marketing products and services. Membership is €10 for 1 year.

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Company Name: Real Personal Development
Contact Person: Tom Bennett
Country: United States