SCP Launches Shopkins Coloring Page Website

OVERLAND PARK, KS – 22 Apr, 2017 – Today, Shopkins Coloring Pages launches a brand new website dedicated to the popular toy, Shopkins. On their website, you can download hundreds of free Shopkins color pages from seasons 1 – seasons 7 of Shopkins.

Shopkins are a line of miniature,grocery-themed collectibles for kids ages four and up. Originally designed for little girls ages 4-7 years old, these miniatures have instead caught the attention of boys and girls alike. These fascinating little toys come with mini shopping baskets and bags. Kids can get different grocery store seasons and playsets to use with their tiny little character toys. Many adults have gotten caught up in the tiny miniature Shopkins toy craze too!

A Wall Street Journal article, dated Dec. 7, 2016, and written by Paul Ziobro, applauded Shopkins and two other tiny collectible manufacturers for creating a product that not only attracts customers during the Christmas shopping season but throughout the year, as well. The Journal reported that Shopkins, along with similar products, reached sales of $142 million through September of 2016.

For this very reason, Owner Tyler Horvath wanted to create a great site dedicated to the popular collectables. He went on to say, “Shopkins Coloring Pages is your number one source for Coloring Pages of your favorite Shopkins characters.” Tyler is a huge Shopkins fan and wanted to provide a great resource for kids and adults.

Currently, their website features over 100 unique shopkins color pages that you can download and print for free. You can also find great deals on shopkins toys, movies, games and more.

Some of the other Shopkins products that kids love include:

• A microphone stand with lights and a selfie stick
• A Dancing Water Light Up Karaoke System
• Happy Home Pool and Sun Deck Playset
• Shopkins Stamper Markers
• Shopkins Bean Stuffed Figure
• Shopkins Dolls
• Shopkins Party Theme Packs

In conclusion, is excited to launch their website to the masses and provide a great family play time with these amazing Shopkins Color Pages.

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Company Name: Shopkins Coloring Pages
Contact Person: Tyler Horvath
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