A New Member Was Added To Airwheel R3 Smart Electric Aided Bike

As one of the new comers of Airwheel, R3 is not less excellent than the other new products. Three ride modes, modular battery design and the USB interface on the battery are the main features of Airwheel R3 citizen e-bike. Portable, comfortable and convenient, R3 is also a good choice for daily commuting.

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Airwheel shoulders the responsibility to develop intelligent transporting vehicles to replace walking and endow everyone to realize their effective moving.

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Airwheel R series electric folding bikes are well received among office workers and students due to its three ride modes, portability, convenience and utility. As one of the new comers of Airwheel, R3 stands out. There are three main features: multiple ride modes, modular battery design and the USB interface on the battery which draw much attention.

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First of all, the highlight of Airwheel R3 electric assist bike is the multiple ride modes. Riders are empowered to alter ride modes freely to enjoy more fun and to achieve 100 km range. In electricity-assisted mode, it just like other e bikes can be ridden without pedaling. It will provide different levels of power assistance based on the choice of gear. Just like traditional bikes it can build up body in man-powered mode.

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The battery of R3 electric assist bike follows the modular design of R series. The cuboid battery pack is placed at the front of the pedals which can make the center of gravity much lower for ensuring the stable riding. Besides, the USB interface outfitted in the battery can act as the charging device for satisfying intelligent devices charging. Considering the security and the environment condition, R3 is mounted with headlight for providing convenience at night riding. Additionally, it also turns on to warn the braking taillight of other devices which are in front of the road.

Where to buy electric scooters? As the folding e bike, R3 not only optimizes the stability of body folding skeleton and makes the operation much simpler, but also ensures the beautiful appearance though the concealed folding joint. In order to provide the most comfortable riding posture, R3 is designed with triple folding system. In a word, both office workers and students living and studying in campus can gain the convenience from riding the new product R3 portable electric bike.

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