Barebum Diapers® Acquired by Strom Holdings LLC™

EVERETT, WA, USA – 22 Apr, 2017 – Strom Holdings LLC, brand owner of ABUniverse, acquired the production and brand rights to BareBum Diapers® in early March 2017.

Production has completed on the Vintage Baby Block design diaper, and will be available for purchase in the USA, Canada, UK, Japan and Australia by the end of May 2017. 

Casey Strom, Chief Executive of Strom Holdings commented: “The synergies between the offerings and values of both BareBum and ABUniverse in the ABDL community were too vast to ignore. The addition of the BareBum brand and signature fit into our current line-up of diapers helps us maintain a competitive edge while delivering more options to the ABDL and medical community globally.” 

Jeffrey Adams, Founder of BareBum Diapers commented: “This is a really positive move for BareBum. I believe ABUniverse will accelerate the brand and maintain the integrity & vision that BareBum set out to accomplish. I have 100% confidence in ABUniverse’s leadership in this evolving industry. Casey Strom and his team have proven to be exemplary leaders for their vision and demonstration of customer service, transparency, quality assurance, and worldwide distribution. These are all values BareBum shares which makes this transition exciting and seamless.”

The Vintage Baby Block diaper print and its signature BareBum fit will be a unique addition to ABUniverse’s collection of diapers. This also paves the way for new diaper designs using the BareBum signature fit.

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