Smart and Easy Commuting Accompanied by Airwheel E3 Bagpack electric bike

Commuting is an indispensable part of life. But it is also a test to choose the most suitable commuting vehicle. Due to the stress of urban transportation system, Airwheel folding electric bikes have become more accepted.

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Airwheel, an established company in producing eco vehicles, has foreseen the future prospect of portable intelligent transportation vehicles. Traditional bikes can’t meet the needs of efficiency. Public transportation system is often crowded during rush hours. The company has already developed dozens of new-style intelligent vehicles but it is not satisfied with existing achievements. This year, Airwheel has launched intelligent e bike which can be efficient and avoid traffic congestion.

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Airwheel intelligent e bike

Airwheel folding e bike E3 has come up with new ways to enhance commuting efficiency. Dubbed as a backpack e bike, the vehicle has astonishing folding ability and can fit into a backpack when folded. The main frame is made of light-weighted aluminum alloy materials. The vehicle then saves the trouble of parkingļ¼Œsince they can be carried around. It takes simple steps to fold the vehicle. Riders can take them onto buses, or store them in offices. People can use the vehicle to cover the distance between stations and company. The vehicle is capable of finishing short-distance commuting after a full charge. Even when it is short of electricity, riders can fold and take them around by other transportation means.

intelligent e bike

The vehicle has high performance on the road. The small size can bear a maximum load of 100kg. The branded lithium battery and hub motor generates stable force to drive the vehicle ahead. The battery is smart and safe, with a USB port and six-fold protection. It can charge other electronic devices. Customized 8 inch tires make turning agile and safe. The vehicle also has no trouble going uphill. The electric folding bike can guarantee a maximum speed of 20 km/h. Riders can set speed limit to the vehicle over a smart phone app. All the configuration is to ensure that riders can have a safe and enjoyable journey.

As an eco-friendly product, Airwheel intelligent e bike E3 is driven by clean energy and is noise-free. In a polluted and congested society, each green vehicle is worth public attention.

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