ITW Consulting Taking Its Digital Design Expertise to Las Vegas for 17th Annual Multi-Unit Franchising Conference

“As a specialist in digital design and development for restaurant franchisors, ITW will look to offer its support to clients attending the event while reaching out to other exhibiting brands in need of digital transformation.”
ITW Consulting is an award-winning digital agency that counts some of Canada’s premiere brands among its client list. The Toronto-based Company has worked with clients as far away as Malaysia and as close as down the street, serving a broad array of markets including construction, fashion, financial services, cosmetics, travel, technology, consulting and food.

ITW Consulting, an award-winning web agency based in Toronto, will be attending the upcoming Multi-Unit Franchising Conference in Las Vegas. During more than 10 years in business, ITW has worked with some of North America’s leading restaurant franchises, including Boston Pizza, Teriyaki Experience, Wild Wing and Cara Operations, owner of Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s and many other well-known brands.

Held from April 23rd to 26th at Caesars Palace, the conference is regarded as the premier event for multi-unit franchisors, and the only event dedicated to discussing the concerns of today’s franchisors. This year marks the 17th annual edition.

Exhibitors come from a wide variety of industries, and range from relative newcomers trying to get a foothold in their market, to established brands with ambitious growth strategies. The conference will also host a number of talks by well-established and respected entrepreneurs from across the international business landscape.

ITW Attending the Conference for the First Time

For ITW, the conference represents a chance to both support existing clients who are attending and make new connections. Having partnered with franchisors on a wide range of projects—everything from franchising and consumer website redesigns, to integration of online ordering systems and 3D renderings of restaurants—ITW has earned unique insight into the niche.

Part of that means understanding the kinds of challenges that franchisors face today. For example, although many restaurant brands want to expand their physical presence, they treat franchising as a footnote on their consumer-facing website.

In many other cases, the employee recruitment process is disjointed because franchisors are afraid to take on this responsibility at the highest level. The same can be true of guest feedback, which gets accidentally funneled to the head office due to a lack of proper channels or visual cues.

On the consumer side, website visitors are often faced with PDF or JPEG menus, and store location systems that are difficult to navigate or were never designed to be used on mobile devices.

But often the problem is much simpler and more severe: poor design. Even in 2017, many restaurant franchisors struggle with outdated websites that fail to resonate with modern consumers. These same websites also lack tools for gathering business intelligence and can make it difficult to update content because of their older content management systems.

Digital Solutions for Restaurant Franchisors

With its digital design and development experience in this space, ITW has already helped a number of clients overcome these and similar challenges. Today, ITW offers a series of digital products and services designed specifically for restaurant franchises:

• Brand / Consumer Websites
• Franchising Microsites + Lead Generation
• Multimedia Content Production
• Local Restaurant Marketing Tools
• In-store Recruitment Applications
• Online Ordering and POS Integrations
• Content Architecture / Localization / Creation
• Content Management Platforms
• Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
• CRM Implementations and Integrations
• Single Sign-On (SSO) Implementations
• Cloud and Infrastructure Management
• Application Managed Services and Support

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