More freestanding bath styles and sizes give customers better rein over their choices, says JT Spas

Freestanding baths have always been a popular type of bath for many customers, and now, they are available from JT Spas in different styles and sizes which are ideal for smaller bathrooms with a limited space.

For many years, JT Spas has been one of the most popular suppliers of bathroom products in the UK. The company has always prioritised its customers’ convenience, offering products with a free delivery service along with affordable pricing. The reason why JT Spas can afford to do this is because of its long-standing relationship with a number of different suppliers and manufacturers, including Phoenix, Moretti, Aqualux, Aquaplus, Causeway, Royce Morgan, and Charlotte Edwards, among others.

And now, customers who are thinking of changing their bathroom’s look and feel with a freestanding bath but are worried that freestanding bath sizes are too big can rest easy in the fact that freestanding bath sizes and styles are more varied than ever. This is proven by JT Spas, which offers not only the standard freestanding bath styles and sizes everyone is familiar with, but also an array of different freestanding bath styles and sizes which are a good choice for tinier bathrooms.

Whilst the classic claw-foot freestanding bath is still a popular option, more customers are going for sleeker, geometrically-inspired freestanding bath styles. One example is the Moretti contemporary freestanding bath with measurements of only 1550mm x 780mm x 760mm, with a higher-ended slipper design for better and more comfortable bathing. As JT Spas confirms, “The Moretti bath features a high sided end designed to comfortably mould to the body and a wider end to offer a comfortable bathing position.” In addition, JT Spas explains, “The Moretti bath tub is made from the finest sheets of 5mm sanitary grade acrylic coated with thermal sheets providing superior insulation.”

Another smaller option with a contemporary design is the Synergy ‘San Marlo’ freestanding bath, which comes in measurements of 1555mm x 745mm x 580mm. This freestanding bath features a sleek, modern design. Here’s what JT Spas has to say about the Synergy freestanding bath: “The ‘San Marlo’ modern freestanding bath boasts sleek, swooping lines and gorgeous curves; this stunning bath is the ideal centrepiece for any bathroom…the ‘San Marlo’ offers superior bathroom room, durability, heat retention and comfort, making this the ideal place for a relaxing, well-deserved soak.” The design of the bath is such that it matches a person’s shape and posture, making for a more relaxing bath than usual.

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