Shower cubicles a feasible alternative for smaller bathrooms, explains JT Spas

Nowadays, bathrooms in the UK are smaller than ever. And those who want to replace old shower enclosures with new ones can take advantage of a more compact shower cubicle range from JT Spas.

JT Spas is a company which has been specialising in different bathroom products for a number of years. The firm has partnered with some trusted suppliers in the bathroom industry, and its roster of partners includes such known brands as Hudson Reed, Jupiter Showering, Kubex, Aquaplus, Sensual Spas, Insignia, and more.

Amongst the products featured at JT Spas are shower cubicles and enclosures. JT Spas confirms that shower enclosures and cubicles are more popular today than ever, perhaps in part due to the fact that there are now smaller bathrooms in the United Kingdom. Bathroom spaces are smaller and more compact, hence the demand for smaller and more compact shower enclosures and cubicles as well.

JT Spas tries its best to accommodate the demand for smaller shower cubicles with its extensive range. Shower cubicles with trimmer and more compact sizes are available from this bathroom product supplier, and these shower cabins range in size from as little as 770mm x 700mm (as is the case with some Kubex Kington leak-proof shower pods) to 800mm x 800mm (water-tight shower cubicles from manufacturers like Kinedo), and even steam showers from Sensual Spas with a total size of 800mm x 800mm.

These smaller shower cubicles are the ideal fit for most standard-sized bathrooms, and they can easily be installed in any bathroom space since they are specially-designed quadrant shower enclosures. But for those who are looking for a larger range of shower cubicles, JT Spas has a good selection as well. One such example is a square-shaped hydro shower cabin from Insignia, which has measurements of 1100mm x 890mm. Another example is a Sensual Spas steam shower in a larger quadrant shape, measuring 1200mm x 800mm.

Many customers have already benefitted from smaller, more compact, and less intrusive shower cubicles which allow them to save precious space in their bathrooms. These shower cubicles also come with many features and all the parts necessary for easy installation, including (but not limited to) composite or glass wall panels, shelves and riser rails, shower heads, shower wastes, flooring, and the components needed for plumbing and electrical requirements. For those who would like to transform their bathrooms with value for money bathroom products, JT Spas offers a wide selection of affordable yet high quality shower enclosures and shower cubicles.

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JT Spas is an established UK-based bathroom product supplier that offers budget-friendly bathroom products, including a diverse shower cubicle selection. All its products can be found on the JT Spas website.

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