Aesthetic Art Becomes Affordable, Thanks To Brand AnYahh!!

New Delhi: World’s first Affordable Art Brand AnYahh!! witnessed an event called Art Crest on the theme “Art & aesthetics is the soul of the idea of India-A look at the contemporary scene”. India’s diverse folk art traditions are more than just an important part of our culture and traditional paintings have been a part of India’s traditions for many millennia. On this occasion, the state of Indian art in the country and abroad was discussed at length. During the discussion, prominent personalities such as Asheesh Sethi, Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain, Dr Alka Raghuvanshi, Kanchan Chander and Bipasha Sen Gupta, graced the event. Apart from discussing Indian art, the eminent personalities also spoke about the current state and the future of Indian Art.  

According to Mr. Asheesh Sethi, Founder of AnYahh Affordable Art Brand, “The idea of Anyahh is an endeavour to make art affordable and within everyone’s reach. Brand AnYahh is dedicated to taking classic and contemporary works of art to the people of the world with an aim to unravel the realms of art to all who desire to aesthetically enhance their lives with art. Art has become a source of attraction among people these days. But people have a misconception that art can be afforded by only the high-profile”.

“We proffer the most affordable art at realistic prices. With over 5000 works in its private collection, AnYahh promotes over 50 young emerging artists from all parts of India and abroad. You will find all genres of art a visual treat for most art lovers. AnYahh caters to architects and interior designer’s need for painting for their projects. Art on rent is an offering from AnYahh too. This is how AnYahh Affordable Art Brand has changed the usual pre-conceived notions about art among people, regarding its unafforability. AnYahh’s international clientele is a proof of this”, Mr. Sethi further added. 

Speaking on this occasion Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain said, “I really appreciate AnYahh Art Brand Store for promoting upcoming artists in India and International market. Indian paintings were always appreciated in International market and AnYahh Art Brand is doing a great job by promoting Indian Art.”

AnYahh Popular Art Brand has also catered to a lot of corporates and art collectors. The reason for the rising popularity of the art brand store is to provide pocket-friendly art by lesser known artists.

About AnYahh

AnYahh!! is a Premier Art Brand Store in Delhi that deals in a vivid variety of modern and contemporary Art by budding Indian artists. Over the years we have set a very high standard in affordable art and continue to do so by virtue of our passionate dedication towards exploring and showcasing aesthetically rich forms of Art. AnYahh was founded in 2005 with a promise to add a new dimension to the art scenario by regularly displaying a refreshing collection of trendsetting artwork. Popular art collectibles available at AnYahh Art Brand Store in Delhi are – cushion covers, art trays, table mats, timepieces, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. At AnYahh, our inherit Desire is to give the most relevant guidance to art lovers who want to acquire exquisite art collectibles. AnYahh is genuinely committed towards raising the bar of affordable art and establishing its work as a vibrant source of home decor and unique gift ideas in India and across the world. 

AnYahh!! is dedicated to taking classic and contemporary works of art to the people of the world. Both at home and abroad, they aspire to give each person the privilege to own and appreciate real art. Here the universe is the muse and you are the beneficiary. AnYahh!!  showcase a diverse selection of contemporary works by emerging Indian artists. Their goal is to unravel the realms of art to all who desire to aesthetically enhance their lives with art. AnYahh assist art lovers in the acquisition of affordable art collectibles and cater to collectors, corporate organizations and clients who require customized work.

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