The Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Keeping Organized

USA – Clutter permeates modern homes and workspaces, and has been listed among the top anxiety-inducing factors for the average American. Accumulating things is not a conscious process, as per the accounts of several people who have found themselves in the midst of piles of stuff that no longer serve a purpose in their lives, other than taking up valuable living space in their surroundings.

A clean, well-organized environment has been linked with the incidence of fewer allergy and asthma flare-ups, while the psychological effects of living one’s life free of the reigns of owning excessive physical objects cannot be accurately represented by the findings of conventional qualitative scientific studies.

It is through the testimonies of people who have experienced the transformational effects of organizing their lives that the importance of the process is illustrated in the most accurate way possible. Individuals who have gone through with discarding useless things and organizing the remaining stuff that they deemed to be of absolute necessity have reported feeling, among other things, “relieved, elated, confident, free, less stressed” and “more eager to socialize and entertain.”

During the past few years, books on the subject of decluttering and tidying up have risen in popularity. While the aforementioned guides promise to provide all the solutions to one’s organizational issues, they fall short of acknowledging the impact of the human factor: contemporary Americans lead busy lives, and this is often the root of their organizational problems. This is why industry experts stress the importance of relying on professional help when the need for such services arises.

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