WishCo Creative, LLC to donate 25% of proceeds to Alt National Park Service with new gratitude initiative launching On Earth Day

“In Gratitude We Trust” to make viral splash and ongoing environmental push!

Chicago, IL – April 24th, 2017 – WishCo Creative, LLC, a wellness company, will dedicate 25% of all “In Gratitude We Trust” necklace sales to the Alt National Park Service, beginning on Earth Day. This initiative will continue to support the environment on an ongoing basis, rotating charitable organizations quarterly. This gratitude initiative was mindfully launched to promote environmental harmony in response to the recent political climate change.

The gratitude campaign kicks off, boasting two artisan, high-quality gratitude necklaces, one in mirrored stainless steel, and the other in bright, eco-friendly brushed aluminum. Each necklace comes with an optional rose gold charm. On the necklaces is a trademarked message, “In Gratitude We Trust.”

“Each piece is a deliberate and hand-crafted symbol of unity, standing in solidarity with the environment, and serving as an outward symbol of inner gratitude.” – Christyl Uhan, Founder of WishCo Creative, LLC.

The mission statement of WishCo Creative, LLC is to utilize the Law Of Attraction to share in an expression of positive, life-enriching, and co-creative experiences for all who engage with our messaging and intention.

WishCo Creative, LLC aspires to foster leadership development, community involvement, and enhance the lives of individuals and businesses alike with highly inspirational information, tools, goods, and services.

Media Contact
Company Name: WishCo Creative, LLC
Contact Person: Christyl Uhan, Founder
Email: info@ingratitudewetrust.com
Phone: 847.630.4853
Country: United States
Website: www.ingratitudewetrust.com