Learn Italy’s healthiest and most intriguing cuisine in the food and wine classes in Southern Italy’s most respected cookery school, The Awaiting Table in Puglia.

Lecce, Italy – 24th April, 2017 – Little known to foreigner travels, Puglia remains Italy’s number one domestic food and wine destination for the last 15 years straight (It’s where Italians go in Italy for the food and wine).

Puglia is Italy’s green grocery, bread box and vineyard, dangling right down into the the blue seas that make up the Mediterranean.  The region produces half of the country’s olive oil, more wine than any other region and a disproportionate amount of the country’s excellent produce.

But it also has most coastline than any other region on the peninsula, pulling out briny mussels, famous since the Greek era. For food lovers, Puglia is regional Italian food and wine at its best. That the local diet here is also protected by UNESCO as among the world’s healthiest, isn’t a surprise to anyone in Europe.

The Awaiting Table has turned the idea of a cookery or wine course on its head: students do everything themselves, from picking the grapes, to making the sauce, to picking and pressing the olives. Some courses featuring bicycling in a castle. Some teach more wine than food. With two locations (a walled castle in the middle of Italian village) or the owner’s home, right in the middle of Southern Italy’s most vibrant town, the school offers many courses, all varying in length, from a meal to a week.

Our school’s owner is also an Italian-trained sommelier and professional wine writer specialising in Southern Italian varietals. The school treats wine and food as the same thing, the physical expressions of a land, a people, a season, a way of living life. 

For more information on our food and wine classes in Puglia, Italy, please visit http://awaitingtable.com/cookery-courses/

Also, please see our course calendar to choose the right food and wine class for you: http://awaitingtable.com/calendar-2/2016-calendar/


The Awaiting Table is one of the best reviewed cookery schools in all of Italy, founded in 2003 by Silvestro Silvestori, the school has now taught students from 53 different countries.  With two locations – in the historic centre of Lecce – and during select weeks during the year, at the baron’s castle, in the centre of a  small village just off of the Adriatic – the courses vary with the location and season, but students always get their hands dirty with something. 

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