Big, Fat American Lion Book: An Active Guide for How to Live a Better Life Being Fat by Alessandro Boccaletti

“Big, Fat American Lion Book: An Active Guide for How to Live a Better Life Being Fat by Alessandro Boccaletti”
Our population is facing a global health crisis at the hands of rising obesity rates. But fortunately, Alessandro Boccaletti, BS, MBA, is here to show you how you can take responsibility for your health in Big, Fat American Lion Book.Let the comical Big Fat Lion be your guide as you look for simple ways to improve your health. Together, you will learn the factors driving up obesity rates through plenty of eye-opening US and world statistics.

Boccaletti not only investigates the concerns surrounding obesity, but he also outlines the ways overweight or obese individuals can still live healthy lives. The best part? Boccaletti is on your side. Everything here is easy to read and lighthearted—highlighting the importance of the issue without scaring you away with too much jargon.

Dear Reader,

Here we start this exploration that will take you step by step down a road to clearly understanding the words “fat,” “overweight,” and “obese” in a global perspective. After reading this book, you will be able to better understand these conditions and what you can do to improve your lifestyle. You are the only game changer in your own life, and only you can decide on the best way to improve your lifestyle. In this book, you will discover some proven techniques, and you may be surprised to see that, most of the time, nature gives us all the tools we need to improve our lifestyles. The big pharmaceutical companies call obesityan “epidemic,” and new products keep coming on the market, driving you to spend your hard-earned money on their latest chemical or biological achievements.

When you take medication, you decide to occasionally or regularly absorb into your body a synthetically produced chemical product that could even worsen your physical condition in the long run—there are always some possible side effects. Actually, our bodies are natural miracles in themselves, and most of the time they adapt to the current internal and external environments. A healthier lifestyle is better than a thousand medicines. You need to realize that the pharmaceutical companies,with their billions in cash, exist to make a profit. They have shareholders and high-salaried management to pay, and they need clients’ or consumers’ money for their corporate interests.

The financial game can be summarized in four words:

• product
• price
• place
• promotion

The principle is that a new product must be sold at a certain price, in places where sales and profit are maximized, and by using the best promotional media tools.To the consumer, the product is often presented as a miracle cure, and it carries an intrinsic high price due to its advertised properties. But the basic reality is that there is a seller and a buyer, so just try to be careful out there.

Many times there are no shortcuts, and there are many illusory traps. The choice to feel better is yours alone, and I will try in this short guide to help you in this process by making complex issues simpler and more understandable. Basic knowledge and education are essential in tackling the obesity epidemic.

As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Let this book arm you with everything you need to know to understand obesity and take control of your life.

Let Big Fat Lion be your guide in this lighthearted, easy-to-read look at the obesity epidemic facing the world–and how we can each take responsibility for changing it. By sharing ideas, you will improve your lifestyle, and you will start the process of discovering better lifestyle choices.

Be active!

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