Calcsoft announces website with about 100 free online calculators in a plethora of areas

Users can access calculation tools, put a widget on their site and download free computer applications

There are times when we all need a little help in figuring out the exact numbers in different situations. Calcsoft is proud to announce their website, which features about 100 calculators to help users “do the math” quickly and find solutions to questions, all on one website. The calcsoft online calculator is available in areas like simple calculator, finance, pregnancy calculator, shoe size conversion, unit converter, food calories calculator, etc. Users can search calculators via the category section or use the keyword tool. Calcsoft provides an all-time accessibility of various calculating services that is easy to use.

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“Calcsoft has been created to provide a one-stop shop for people’s calculation needs, about almost anything. Our website is easy to use and navigate so that users can find the solution to their problems very quickly. Some of these calculation tools have been created and built by us,” said a Calcsoft representative. is one of its kinds on the Internet today. It offers a simple and accessible means for people to find solutions to measurements, calculations, and accuracy. Some of the most popular tools are the simple calculator where users can make mathematics calculations free. It has all the buttons and their functions, and there is also a version with percentage. The unit converter help users convert units of measurements like weights, temperature, volume metric, speed unit and time metric from one value to the other. There are also the shoes and accessory size conversion, which comes with a shoe size chart that includes data on different countries. The pregnancy planning calculator helps users calculate ovulation, fertility and other important things that have to do with pregnancy.

“It is a big relief to have a single website that offers so many calculation services on just one platform. I don’t have to struggle with metric or other issues anymore. The calcsoft team has done humanity a big favor,” said Mark B, a fan.

Calcsoft offer free download of their simple calculator and unit conversion tool that can be used offline on the computer. They also have widgets for website, which offer site visitors an additional feature that allow them to make calculation in math, health, shoe size and food calories.

About Calcsoft

Calcsoft is an online platform offering about 100 different types of calculation tools, to help them get answers to their problems fast. The website is easy to use and provides an all-time accessibility that is fast, comprehensive and convenient for everyone.

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