Introducing Nina, Case/Stand Hybrid for the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

One company, by the name of Datum Products, has spotted an unseen opportunity for the Apple Pencil in conjunction with the iPad Pro and has produced a new product named Nina to exploit it.

In 2015, Apple released its Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro. The creative fields were at first skeptical, but for those who consistently make any drawing on any piece of technology, they soon learned that the Apple Pencil is a godsend. As a result, the Apple Pencil has become widely adopted as the stylus of choice for industrial designers, graphic designers, illustrators, architects, artists, doodlers, and more. However, there lie a few innate problems with the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combo. Today, a new product by the name of Nina is here to efficiently and elegantly solve these problems. 

The first issue is mobility. While the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are relatively light, it is frustrating e to keep track of the Apple Pencil’s spare tips and minuscule lightning cable adapter. For this reason, the Apple Pencil needs a case, or else users will find themselves purchasing sets of pencil tips every other week. To remedy this issue, Datum Products created an elegant Apple Pencil case, easily holding all accessories in an intuitive and organized way. Inside the case are four tiny slots for the extra tips which can be removed by inserting the pencil into one of the tips. This storage system saves valuable space, making the case just twenty-two millimeters tall and thirty millimeters thick.

What’s more is that the Datum Products team also built their case into a stand to provide the ergonomic ten-degree angle that is required for professional design. When the case is open, the top half can securely grip the iPad Pro to create a stand. Beyond this dual functionality, the design of Nina is just breathtaking. As an up-and-coming company created by product designers, Datum Products has created a product that fits with the Apple aesthetic, is sleek, and contains subtle, yet intuitive functionality.

However, the road to mass producing this product is certainly not an easy one. Optimization, test production batches, and mass production are expensive obstacles to overcome. To remedy this issue, the Datum Products team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Within the campaign, a supporter who is pre-ordering Nina will be treated to special discounts while supplies last. With this support, the Datum Products team hopes to make using the Apple Pencil more ergonomic and organized for users everywhere.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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Company Name: Datum Products
Contact Person: Nina
Country: United Kingdom