Introducing Dev T’s, a T-Shirt Tailor Made for Photographers

A clean photography lens is essential to a crisp and clear shot. Today, the team behind Dev T’s is producing a T-shirt that was made to clean lenses, wear comfortably, and look stylish.

As technology has progressed, the field of photography has become more and more accessible. Cameras that novices used to dream about are now available to the masses. As this high-end technology enters the hands of the masses, it is important that the common photographer understands the proper way to care for their cameras and their delicate lenses. However, there is one lense-destroying practice that is all too common and intuitive: the T-shirt wipe. Here to take advantage of this traditionally frowned upon practice is an up and coming company’s latest product named Dev T’s a T-shirt designed for photographers.

The need for a T-shirt made for photographers stems from the danger that comes with wiping a lens down with anything other than a microfiber cloth, much less a T-shirt. When a lens is wiped by a dirty or even slightly tainted T-shirt, there is a risk of scratching the lens, potentially setting the lens owner back hundreds of dollars. As a result, everyone is warned against this practice, yet photography novices and veterans alike still make this mistake simply because of how natural it feels. Today Dev T’s are taking this mistake and making it into a healthy lense-care practice with a T-shirt that is made with a camera-safe microfiber cloth.

The Dev T’s T-shirts seamlessly incorporate two microfiber cloths into the design of the shirt. The most notable one forms the front chest pocket. This design choice is perfect as the difference in texture and color of the cloth emulate a style of T-shirt that has become popular in recent years. The second microfiber cloth rests just inside of the T-shirt, near the bottom of the shirt. These two spots are both incredibly convenient and are where people who currently clean their lenses with their shirts naturally turn to when they are wiping a lens down.

Additionally, the shirts come in a variety of bold colors. These colors range from a blue named and modeled after the Mont Blanc mountain in France to a black that emulates the color of a black sand beach in Iceland. Sadly, mass producing T-shirts of multiple fabrics is no easy task. To remedy this issue, the Dev T’s team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign, donors will be treated to early-bird pricing and other perks. With this support, the team of photographers behind Dev T’s hopes to bring their innovative product to other photographers around the world.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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