Recovery on Demand Offers Global Addiction Treatment and Recovery Programs

Dr. Michael Ivy offers online addiction treatment and recovery programs

(Atlanta, GA) – A new and innovative online resource is now available for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction through an any-time, any-where program. Recovery on Demand, which offers several treatment packages for addiction and recovery coaching, was founded by nationally acclaimed recovery and addiction specialist Dr. Michael Brian Ivy.

Embracing modern technology, Recovery on Demand aims to make treatment of addiction accessible to everyone, irrespective of their location. Today’s substance abuse treatment industry is adopting new means of communication to advance forward, and Dr. Ivy is on the forefront of utilizing it for its several advantages. Treatment packages offered by Recovery on Demand are affordable, focus on reducing stigma and barriers while engaged in treatment, and offer clients a location-free access.

“Life coaching literally saved my life. Today, working from a holistic model which integrates body, mind and spirit, I help clients create effective, positive and transformative changes in their lives. All of the programs offered are meant to empower people to make concrete sustainable changes in their lives – wherever they are,” says Dr. Ivy.

Recovery on Demand offers a live, interactive treatment program called Prime Solutions, which focuses on alcohol and drug abuse with a choice-based solution, along with developing related skills and methods for recovery. The Recovery Mastery Academy program is designed for recovering clients to learn new skills with regularly added content to enhance their recovery experience, quality of life and well-being at all levels. For sufferers of anxiety and worry, the Master Anxiety and Worry program is where anyone can learn to progress towards their goals and reach to their full potential.

As a recovering addict, Dr. Ivy knows first-hand the challenges some traditional location-based treatment programs have. After hitting rock bottom in 2006, he worked hard to turn his life around after battling depression, anxiety and an abusive alcohol addiction. Now, as a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Master Recovery Coach, Master Addiction Counselor and Integrative Social Worker, he wants to provide the resources needed to help people recover wherever they are, whenever they want. 

The uniqueness of Recovery on Demand lies in its belief that addicts can recover outside the traditional treatment settings. The online, monthly programs eliminate hurdles such as separating from real life and family for extended durations of time.

“Our mission to help people increase their quality of life, reach their highest potential and enhance well-being on all levels. My work is client-centered, strength-based and engages the inner wisdom and environmental supports of clients to nurture resilience, empowerment and transformation,” says Dr. Ivy.

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