Appalachia Camping Company Makes The North Carolina Outdoors Fun, Comfortable and Accessible

For many people, the experience of camping in the scenic outdoors begins and ends with the tedious process of packing tents, sleeping bags and other camping supplies, making an outdoor adventure seem more like work. A new organization, Appalachia Camping Company has taken the hassle out of camping in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina so that you can truly enjoy nature in its glory and get more adventure out of your camping trip.

When you hire Appalachia Camping Company, your campsite will be fully equipped with items like tents, comfortable sleeping pads, double hammocks, camp kitchens, first aid kits, camp blankets, cookware, camping chairs, kayaks, mountain bikes and much more. With the help of Appalachia Camping Company, you no longer need to worry about remembering what to bring, packing it up, unloading it, worrying about what you might have forgot and assembling all that gear at your campsite—it’s all done for you!

In addition to providing a care-free camping experience, Appalachia Camping Company is committed to preserving the outdoors for future generations. Six percent of all proceeds will be donated to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, North Carolina’s largest no-kill animal rescue group. Brother Wolf Animal Rescue offers many important services including a pet food pantry, hiking clubs, youth education and behavioral counseling for animals.

Appalachia Camping Company is a pioneer for a new tourism industry, but it needs your support to achieve the support it deserves. The management team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the $9,500 needed to launch the enterprise. In return for your generous support, you may earn valuable perks like personalized postcards from the founder, trucker hats, stickers, website memorialization and credit for your contribution, an official Appalachia Camping Company holiday in your honor, photo book, or a chance to win a free camping trip for two.

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