New Book By Leading Film Prop Curator Brings Alive Thrilling Tales Behind Iconic Screen Props

Leading film prop curator James Azrael has recently launched his new book “The HSPPA: Volume One – The Props Awaken” which features incredible pictures and stories of legendary film props.

Chicago, Illinois – April 24, 2017 – Do you know the fun facts behind Tom Hank’s Dante Alighieri death mask in Inferno? How about an unforgettable tread across Jason’s machete from Freddy vs. Jason? Well, finally the wait is over! Celebrated film prop curator James Azrael has recently launched his era-defining book “The HSPPA: Volume One – The Props Awakenthat will bring you closer to those iconic screen relics than ever before! The first textual release from Azrael’s The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association (HSPPA), the paperback inspires awe and thrill with its magnum series of incredible movie props from favorite horror, sci-fi, super-hero & action films.

The book is just launched on Amazon with exciting insights on 73 props and wardrobes. Renowned Prop Blogger Mark Short of The Prop Stop has penned the Foreword for it while the 154-pages long full-color paperback also hosts a feature on Prop Conservation by internationally acclaimed artist, Tom Spina, of Tom Spina Designs, Inc.

“It’s a great moment for us to announce the launch of the first book from HSPPA. For the past couple of years, we’ve extensively travelled the Midwest region, exhibiting a grand ensemble of famous movie props,” stated James Azrael; who also has some film credits of his own, along with having been a successful recording artist prior to the formation of The HSPPA, LLC.

His brainchild The HSPPA, a not-for-profit traveling museum of screen used props and wardrobe, is committed to the preservation and conservation of beloved movie props from horror, science fiction, fantasy, superhero, adventure & other films of similar genres.

“It’s great to witness movie fans from all over the country hitting our exhibitions but then there are many who couldn’t visit our shows. Our The HSPPA: Volume One – The Props Awaken is especially for them. It’s also for those who have been to our exhibitions and would love to relive those moments again from the comfort of their homes. We have amassed over 70 items here from our extensive collection ranging in all areas of collecting to not only show a variety of pieces, but to show that all props are special and have a place in filmic history. Each piece is sure to make an impact with high-resolution photographs, behind-the-scene stories and other exciting details. There are also inspiring anecdotes from collectors, curators, featured exhibitors & fans who go to great lengths to preserve the film history.”

The book features props from the iconic and cult classic films in the cinematic history, including the likes of “Friday The 13th Part VII”, “Gingerdead Man”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Harry Potter”, “American Horror Story”, “Gremlins” and so many more!

“Film props are as crucial as a thrilling screenplay or the hooking background score of a film. They create the perfect mood for the film in tune with the specific theme of the movie-and in one line, it’s the props that make the film even more believable for the audience. We cannot think of Kevin Smith’s Tusk without Mr. Tusk’s mask and we cannot look up to Batman sans his signature cowl. A true film connoisseur will always hold the screen props in high regard in the same way he will swear by the dialogues from his favorite movie. Our new book celebrates that very spirit and aims to delight the film fanatics out there with its unforgettable prop pictures and great tales behind them.”

To grab your copy of “The HSPPA: Volume One – The Props Awaken”, visit or for more information on The HSPPA, visit

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