ADUPS Accumulate Steadily, Building A Gilded Signboard of FOTA

As a leading enterprise of entering the wireless system upgrading field, Shanghai Adups Technology CO., LTD (referred as ADUPS) FOTA technology is a solution that helps the customers to solve software problems and improve software product performance.

Statistics show that since 2012, ADUPS has been committed to the development of FOTA technology and becomes one of the FOTA service vendors. And it successfully settled in Shanghai Pudong Software Park and got the recognition and support from the Shanghai municipal government.

FOTA is also called wireless update patch (differential update package), by means of remote wireless technology upgrade differential package, it provides intelligent terminal differential service to devices such as mobile phone and tablet computer. When users use FOTA wireless upgrade services, they only need to download a very small differential package, and then they can easily complete the system repair and optimization.

Some professional pointed out that, as a smart phone FOTA pain points, its research and development require a lot of cost and investment, which spawned professional third party technical service providers like ADUPS. ADUPS was a mobile Internet enterprise at the beginning, and after 4-year development, it grows into a company that fit market all mainstream chip platform and provides services including chip manufacturers, operators and vendors.

In addition, ADUPS is building its brand reputation through the security and stability of the product, multiplying service consciousness and ability. From FOTA to ADM, ADUPS aims to provide better equipment management solutions and services and to help users to get better user experience.

During the development of intelligent hardware, ADUPS focuses on FOTA upgrading and aims to create a gilded signboard of domestic system upgrading service. The head of ADUPS said, the rich experience in the service of Android system terminal is the biggest advantage of ADUPS. Also, in terms of service, ADUPS can meet the demands of customer differentiation, and helps customers do more.

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