The Rising Popularity Of Organic Baby Formula In The US Challenges Dated Industry Standards

USA – Recent trends in formula feeding show that parents are becoming increasingly aware of the quality of conventional milk substitute products that saturate the market. Current industry guidelines are based on years-old scientific data, which do not keep up with the most recent research findings about infant nutritional needs, digestive capabilities, and the long-term effects of early life dietary habits.

The presence numerous additives, such as questionable food dyes, as well as the shocking amount of sugars and the use of GMO in run-of-the-mill, commercial formulas and baby food products are among the top concerns listed by those who have either had to switch to formula feeding either for health or personal reasons.

The increased vigilance with which modern day parents monitor their infants’ food intake has resulted in the high demand for the absolute finest quality of formula and baby foods available on the market, which would not only be free of the aforementioned suspect components, but would also provide wholesome nutrition to their children during what have been proven to be the foundational years for their development and lifelong health outlook.

Udderly Organics’ founder recently spoke of the lack of premiere organic baby food and formulas in US big box and health specialty stores, saying “Parents whose children have exhibited adverse reactions to popular, brand-name formulas that are heavily marketed in the US have spent countless sleepless nights trying to console their children from the misery of colic episodes or the effects of prolonged constipation. Those who are looking to purchase organic, alternative formulas and baby food products from European brands which are globally renowned for their quality, efficacy and nutritional value, would best describe the process as a scavenger hunt.”

He continued, “Thankfully, the Internet has helped put an end to their frustration. A choice range of the best European baby food and formula is now just a few clicks away. It is always a delight to receive feedback from parents who have noted a remarkable change to their babies’ mood and overall well-being, after making the decision to trust in nutritional experts who point out organic food products as the number one choice for a healthy early childhood diet.”


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