Love channel TV announces 7-Day Soul Immersion Retreat focused on the principle of Love and SacredUnion

Retreat features five top rated teachers and promises to provide the answers to living a full and graceful life

Humans have an immense capacity to do great things, transform the world and live a full and happy life. Most of people, however, are unaware of the power they posses or they don’t have the tools to achieve their highest version, so they live thinking they have reached their greatest heights or frustrated because they keep swimming in shallow waters. 

Thatja Andrade, the founder of Love Channel TV, is proud to announce “The Sacred Five” a 7-Day Soul Immersion Retreat focused on the principle of Love and Sacred Union. The event will feature 5 top rated light workers who will be sharing conscious living practices that connect participants to the natural flow of love. The retreat is for individuals who are ready to transform and heal all is delaying them from living a intentional life, full of love and success. The Sacred Five retreat will be taking place June 30 to July 6, 2017, at Toraja Bambu Boutique hotel, a true local yet luxurious experience of Indonesian milenar architecture located in the most beautiful and famous beach in Bali, Padang Padang, Uluwatu. The workshop  holds only 15 spaces for the committed participants, creating a intimate safe environment to go deep into transformation.

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“Self-mastery is the key to unlocking real potentials in the human experience. I had the idea to create The Sacred Five retreat after realizing how relationships are the most powerful and effective tool for personal growth, since they mirror the lessons we must learn before we graduate to the next level. I searched the best teachers in the field of Sacred Relationships & Self Mastery to take the participants on a life changing journey. It is going to be an unforgettable experience,” said Thatja Andrade, founder of Love Channel TV.

The Sacred Five retreat is scheduled to deliver a 7 days of peace to dive deep into truth and intimacy, with the aim of reprogramming the minds of participants using ancient sciences of healing to level up the frequency field that is the human magnet to manifest our true desires.

Andrade explains “There is a method to renovate and attract sacred relationships and they are based on principals of infinite love, self-love, and unconditional love.”

The Sacred Five Retreat will guide it’s participants on releasing old patterns and healing wounds that blocks the natural flow of energy. Attention will also be given to Tantra, sexuality, vital force, as well as body awakening activation. Participants will also learn how to create and hold sacred spaces, conscious sacred intimacy and being present and intentional at every moment. There will also be sacred love practices for woman, men, and couples, as well as a dive into the ancient secrets of the universe. 

Five teachers will be present at the retreat, to impact lasting values, using methods that have been well research and guaranteed to deliver. They include the well recognize Global Wellness Specialist Solla Pizzuto, Daniela Salazar an intuitive Professional Holistic practitioner teaching the Principals of Sacred Intimacy with her Partner Kevin Walton an activation speaker, spiritual guide and transformational specialist Thatja Andrade, a Holistic Healer, Self-Mastery Practitioner. and of course Oliver Huntley, an coach expert in conscious relationships. 

“I had a powerful experience while in bali with thatja. She used her intuition to channel the message and techniques to utilize while giving me a private session of her healing work. 

I felt a huge shift in just a few hours with her. I felt myself enter a space of deep vulnerability, which allowed my body and  my heart to open and receive deep healing. I also received even more confirmation to continue my life purpose work. Andrade is a real specialist who understands her calling and knows how to inspire other people to achieve great things. I am ready for another great time of truth, self-discovery, and empowerment,” said Dr. Marie Mbouni

There will be organic, healthy veggie, and accommodation at the Toraja Bambu – Uluwatu Beach, Bali. 

About Love Channel TV

Love Channel TV was founded by Thatja Andrade in 2015 primarily as a YouTube Platform to expand awareness, engaging in experiences that lead to a holistic lifestyle. Thatja travels the Globe and explores the ingredients that create the alchemy of a society in transformation. The channel has its foundation and mission to unite humanity back to its true essence, Love.

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