New Local Perth Photographer Offers Years of Experience to Capture Family Photos

Perth, WA – The skill of photography can be easily taught but to master that skill takes years of experience and a special passion for the subject matter. The business of photography is growing with more and more people venturing into it. Vera Kruis is a family photographer breaking into the business locally.

Vera Kruis Photography offers fine art modern lifestyle portraits of newborns, soon to be moms, children, and family. Her website is incredibly user-friendly. Those interested can reference Vera Kruis’ other work on the gallery page. They can also find price rates in the sessions page which also breaks down the length of each session. This page also gives any useful information families may want to keep in mind for the session, such as with newborns Kruis suggests booking an appointment when the newborn is between 5 to 12 days old.

There are more use tips in Vera Kruis Photography’s blog post which gives an in-depth look at how to be prepared for a photoshoot. Though just starting her professional career in photography, Vera Kruis has plenty of experience with a camera. Kruis has dabbled in photography since she was a teenager but the birth of her daughter caused her to find her passion in being a newborn photographer in Perth.

As a boutique photographer in Perth, Vera Kruis offers a variety of locations to choose for a photo shoot. Customers have the option of doing a shoot at the studio but if they’d prefer, they can choose to do it in the wilderness of a forest or the serene sands of the beach. Vera Kruis gives her customers a consultation to figure what is best for them. As a family photographer in Perth, Kruis tries to reach as many locals as possible by offering her service to a wide of people from Hilary 6025 to Mullaloo 6027 to Madeley 6065 and many more areas.

Finding the right photographer to capture the special moments of being pregnant or a child growing up is deeply personal. While there may be many family photographers offering similar services in the Perth area, Vera Kruis offers high-quality photos that show the passion she has as well as giving her clients breathtaking images that will last a lifetime.

Media Contact
Company Name: Vera Kruis Photography
Contact Person: Vera Kruis
Phone: 042-042-1442
City: Perth
State: WA 6025
Country: Australia