Paddle Partner App Leverages Offline (Connection-Free) Navigation to Enhance the Canoeing and Kayaking Experience Without Worries On The Water.

Version 1.4 for iOS app is expected Spring 2017.

HICKSVILLE, NY – 25 Apr, 2017 – Paddle Partner believes in the power of technology and the ability to use this technology no matter where you are, what you are doing, and how you are doing it.  Paddle Partner has used smart-device data to allow Canoeing and Kayaking enthusiasts to navigate their water trails without the use of paper maps.

Paddle Partner’s vision was to ultimately create a user experience so great that paddlers worry less about navigation and to simple enjoy the paddling adventure. Imagine trailing the river without getting lost travelling their destination frustration-free, knowing exactly where you are on the trail and all the while feeling safe on the water.

Up until this day, users have been relying on paper maps to plan their kayaking and canoeing trips on major park river trails due to the inability to access Internet connection otherwise used for mobile map navigation applications.  Paddle Partner saw a need to deliver a solution to this paper map problem and decided to create an application that operates offline navigation.

“The Mobile Map” helps users enjoy planning their trips ahead of time or during their trail without accessing a cellular network.  “Out with the old paper, in with the Smart Data. There is NO reason to use paper maps anymore!” says Paddle Partner. “It’s time we keep up with technology. If Google maps and WAZE can get us to our destination on land, why can’t our Paddle Partner app get our kayakers to their campsites on the water?”

“The Mobile Map” shows their maps in real-time time regardless of whether there is an Internet connection. Paddle sports adventurists can navigate destination trails like the Everglades National Park, the Big Bend Salt Water Paddling Trail, Delaware River, St. Corix River, Ten Thousand Islands area and the Namekagon River. They will be able to measure their distance to and from their desired destination, their average and maximum paddling speed, view all campsite locations on the desired paddle trail and access other specific trip statistics wether you need a Delaware Water Gap Map or map of any other supported paddling trail.

Version 1.4 for iOs anticipates its release in Spring 2017. Paddle Partner Inc. additionally expects to launch the next upgrade to include the Android version.

To find out more about the destinations, the specific features and the future updates, please visit the website:


Paddle Partner App is “The Mobile Map” for canoe and kayak enthusiasts wanting real-time online and offline navigation and preparation maps for river trips.

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